Black & Decker 24-Inch HedgeHog Hedge Trimmer

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Black & Decker 24-Inch HedgeHog Hedge Trimmer
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Don’t. Nothing against this particular trimmer, but don’t get a corded one. I used a corded hedge trimmer for years, and then got a cordless one off of Woot last year. OMG the difference!!! You all know the cord is a pain but you simply can’t appreciate how great it feels to go cordless with a hedge trimmer. It’s way better than going cordless with a drill or saw, because due to the nature of the trimmer, you’re always afraid of cutting the cord in the back of your mind. Going cordless frees you so much it becomes fun instead of a chore.

Seriously; pass this one up and wait for Woot to offer another cordless one, or go hit Amazon for a cordless. They’re not that much more and it’s SO worth it.

I purchased this from woot last year, and it works great. Good deal on a solid trimmer.

the hedgehog is much stronger than your typical hedge trimmer. We use it when it’s time to cut-back the hedges a bit and get into the thicker branches. It’s power would be wasted just trimming the tips off of shrubbery

Anyone know the HP rating on the motor?

Is this some sort of ‘Sonic’ trimmer, or does it have blades?

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