Black & Decker 4-Volt Max Gyro Screwdriver

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Black & Decker 4-Volt Max Gyro Screwdriver
Price: $15.99
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Condition: New


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I own this and it is fantastic for one-handed operation… No need to use other hand to switch direction.

Minor quibble is that the LED light only goes on when unit is turning…wish there was a thumb button for turning the LED to line up with the screw BEFORE engaging motor.

Torque is solid for most operations and speed varies easily by turning your hand more.

Another minor quibble is that the charging is not a stand…just a wired brick.

(Battery does not appear user-replaceable either).

These are minor issues as this is my go-to driver for most quick house repairs (and it is always part of my kit for larger ones… along with some bigger drill/drivers).

Time to check out the product page and great reviews (4.9 out of 5.0) over at and some more great reviews (4.8 out of 5.0) over at

Good reviews from Home Depot

I have one too and agree with these quibbles. The only thing I would add is that it’s crazy something marketed for its convenience wouldn’t have a reversible phillips/flat head driver. Or a small place on the side to click the spare in to for safe keeping.

Here’s another write-up, but a bit longer.

I’m tempted! If it was only better than my 20 year-old Makita cordless. (You know the one, has the battery in the handle, and the handle is two hands long.)

This one. NO, I’m NOT putting in a plug for the seller, in fact, I may buy it, just to have a spare.)


I have a Makita. It works very well and I have never had any problems with it. But…after buying one of these Gyro things and using it on a project, I immediately bought another and my Makita is now a back-up for the most part. The Makita is better for some things but I find myself using the Gyro for almost everything. In for 4 to make some friends happy.

I own one. I love it. Functional and also a great conversation piece. Seems to work like magic.

Have it. Love it. Gave it to 3 friends for different occasions, they all love it too. Will get a couple just to have as a smart gift.

To those familiar with this thing - how does the torque hold up if you put on a 4" or 6" bit extension? Just as in life, those little screws can be hard to get to sometimes. thx.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this handheld piece of awesome! I had to install several electrical cabinets on an out of town job, and time was of the essence. I made hundreds of Wire terminations with this guy (Tug tested all of them, of course), and had every single one done perfectly in half the time! I’m only about 95% - 99% good with a manual terminator.

If I was to complain at ALL about this, I would say the handle could be more well defined, but the grip on the current handle works amazingly well. This way’s more portable too, so, y’know. Shakes out. BUY IT.

hmmm, found it as a refurb on another site for 14.99 with free shipping.

Where at?

Black and Decker 4v Gyro

Black and Decker has a store on Ebay that sells their items, many of which are B stock.

Thanks for this. I decided to go that route and save a few bucks.

I just bought 2 of these thru the other site too. Had seen them advertised in the offers section of the aday section. It’s a refurb :frowning: Wish I would have seen this one first though! I would have bought the 2 from here brand NEW! Grrrr!

I would not worry about it… I actually got my current one thru eBay (B&D refurbs) and it was perfect (sans retail box)… I think they get returns from people who just can’t adjust to the gyro concept.