Black & Decker 4-Volt Max Gyro Screwdriver

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Black & Decker 4-Volt Max Gyro Screwdriver
Price: $15.99
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3/17/2014 - $15.99 (Woot-off) - 2 comment(s)
3/11/2014 - $15.99 - 17 comment(s)

I bought this item when Woot offered it last month. I thought it would be unique to use because it was small, but I didn’t realize just how small it is. This item actually measures about 6 inches from tip to tip. This may be an advantage in some cases, although I really can’t think of too many. Much like its size, the power of this item is also small. In addition, I just can not get use to changing the direction of rotation. In time I probably will but it’s just not an automatic thing with me. Finally, this thing does not have a removable battery pack. I’m not sure if batteries can be changed or if you just add this to the garbage when it will no longer take a charge.

Could I use it to drill screws into the wall or is it not powerful enough for that?

I bought one last month or so when they were on here. The main problem i have is that it’s not like you pull a trigger and it starts drilling, you have to push on the big button on the handle, and it’s not like it’s immediately reactive, it’s very slow to start.

I wouldn’t buy it, it’s just a weird product. And I don’t think it would drill a screw into a wall very well…

I too bought one last month or so when they were on here. The main feature is that it’s not like you pull a trigger and it starts screwing, you push on the big palm button on the handle, and twist your hand -yes, it’s LIKE MAGIC. it’s it’s nearly immediately reactive to start turning. I thought it was amazing, AND I HAVE USED IT to put screws into the wall. Amazingly, it worked. And it took them out of the wall.

I would recommend to buy it, it’s small, fits in the drawer, seems to hold it’s charge, AND it’s just a weird product. BUT it would NOT drill a screw into a wall very well…

Great little drill…I bought one of these last time WOOT had them…I use it a lot…think I will buy another one…

I bought this last month as well and LOVE it for small jobs. It is NOT slow to start if you use it properly. It senses which way you want it to go with a flick of your wrist. If you want it to start buzzing real fast, you turn your wrist in that direction quickly!!!

I’ve had one for a couple years. I think it’s great. I had trouble with it at first because I didn’t understand it. But what I learned is it is really too simple to understand, and that causes people problems. It has a tiny gyroscope or gyroscope-like-gadget inside. The gyroscope senses which way you twist your wrist. So you apply pressure and give a slight twist clockwise, and in goes the screw (or bolt or nut or whatever). Give a slight twist the other way, and out it comes. It’s like magic. It’s so simple, it’s confusing at first, because intuitively, it cannot possibly be that simple. But it is.

I’ve had no problem with power. It’s STRONG. Battery lasts a long time. Put it on your shelf. Forget about it. Six months go by. Then you realize you need it. Grab it and the battery is still in great shape. And hell yeah it’ll screw into a wall.

And if nothing else, it’s cool just as a conversation piece.

The only thing I would suggest is you get an adapter that will allow you use it with your socket set. You can get one at the hardware store for a couple bucks. Also, if you don’t have a driver set (i.e. a set of multi-sized drivers of different types [allen, torx, etc] and sizes), I’d get one of those too, because this only comes with a flat head and phillips driver.

At this price, I’m getting at least two more today for a future gift.

Bought 4 from another site a couple of months ago for a few dollars less, 2 for my house and 2 for gifts. Ended up giving 2 away and selling one after she used mine and had to have one. Everybody loves them so I just bought 4 more. Great twist to an old product. Don’t understand the posts about pushing, you don’t push, you just squeeze.

Available on eBay for $14.99 with free shipping.

I purchased this item last time it was sold on Woot. At first I thought it was a dud after not reading the instructions. The Black and Deck website has a video that demonstrates operation and this took care of my issues with this item. I think this item is well worth the $15 and make quick work of anything involving dis-assembly or assembly of anything with a screw.
It would not replace a drill for applications such as screwing a screw into a piece of wood. Seems to hold a charge well.

I bought one here on Woot last time and I LOVE IT!! My go to tool for small fixes. Keep it in the kitchen drawer for easy access. Much quicker than going downstairs to the shop for the DeWalt. Ever put someting together from IKEA? One assembly and you will be thanking yourself for buying this.

Refurbished at this price on ebay, may or may not have original type packaging

If it’s drywall, it should be fine for that.

I like it for small jobs. I’ve had one for about a year I think. I just keep it in my in house little tool box along with some bits. If I have serious work to do, I get a better tool out.

Note: Ebay offer is for a REFURBISHED unit. Should be “good as new” but, it isn’t.

I used one of these several times. Several different ones and several different jobs. I don’t care for it. It’s a little awkward to use having to push the button in the handle and twist your wrist. Seems fine while you’re driving a screw into drywall, but think about that before the screw actually begins to bite into the drywall. It’s awkward. Secondly, power. Not much of it there. Yes, you can drive screws into drywall. But that’s the limit. Removing a screw from metal framing or anything that requires any force isn’t going to be possible with this thing. Lastly, speed. It’s slow. Not that I’m impatient, but to start a hole in many materials, you need some speed. A self-tapping screw through the thinnest of metal framing would be hell for this guy. It’s not a power failure here, it’s a speed failure.

For anything more than “suzy homemaker” once in a blue moon use, I’d recommend something else.

I just completed a three day indoor painting project. I stripped every electrical faceplate off the walls with the Max Gyro. This is the most useful and amazingly powerful tool I have. Nothin’ but love for this baby! I just kept it in my right pocket like a holster and it was always ready. Even with all that use I only charged it one time during the whole project.

picked up 4 of these a few weeks ago from woot. love mine and the 3 i gave away as gifts were very well received. i have no problems using it, just touch the palm and twist. this is a great little electric screwdriver at a great price.

I love mine, it is a great size for a womans hands…unlike most drills.It will do a wall. It is also great for someone with arthritis!