Black & Decker 59-Piece Tool Set

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Black & Decker 59-Piece Tool Set
$54.99 + $5 Standard OR $20 One-Day OR $17 Two-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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You know the drill folks.

70 dollars and Two lonely 5 star reviews at amazon

This would be great for any first time homeowner without any tools. If you’re all set on tools this would be a great travel set.

Anybody know the original price this usually goes for? This would definitely putting ikea furniture together much easier…

This’ll get you hammered.

Ah, I see that woot is in Father’s Day mode with this sale.

For those who aren’t very tool savvy: an 18V drill will do just about anything you want to do…PLENTY powerful and if all you have is an old corded drill, this will make you much more handy all by itself.

This is a good deal…two nice power tools, a good set of bits, and two sets of pliers that you’ll use all the time. All you may want is an extra battery if you plan to do larger projects.

Probably not the best tools to take down Zombies. They’d have to be much too close. Now, if this set contained a nail gun…

Nah, can’t risk it. :wink:

Amazon shows ~70

The drill alone goes between 40 and 45 from marketplace sellers on the mothership. If you need the other pieces and don’t mind a NiCD battery, you could definitely do worse.

The specs don’t mention what type of battery this uses (lithium-ion, lithium-polymer, etc.) Does anyone have one of these and can speak to the longevity of the battery? Thanks.

I had a nice makita drill that got stolen, anyone know if this will be a decent albeit cheaper replacement ?

I’ve never been impressed with any of the all-in-one tool sets that I have seen, that were similar to this.

They always look like they are filled with inferior tools.

NiCD, according to all the other links I’ve (quickly) checked.

Warranty: 2 Years Limited Black & Decker

Isn’t black and decker supposed to have a lifetime warranty? Who am I thinking of?

How are the batteries on sets like this? I need a tool set but always avoided cordless drills because I’ve found that the batteries either don’t last or can’t provide enough power/torque for the job.

I like this deal so I’m really tempted…

I have the cordless screwdriver. It’s not the best, but it works if you don’t want to turn your wrist to use a regular screwdriver. Can’t speak to the battery life because I never need more than a couple screws at a time on small tasks, but that’s all it’s meant for

That’s craftsman, and that’s only on hand tools, not power tools

Hitachi has a lifetime warranty on their Lithium Ion based tools, with a couple exceptions and not including the batteries.