Black & Decker Blower/Collection System

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Black & Decker Blower/Collection System
Price: $69.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 2-3 business days. (Tuesday, Oct 07 to Wednesday, Oct 08) + transit
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So, $10 cheaper at Amazon with free shipping.

Ours comes with two pieces, the blower and the trash can cover. The Amazon deal is just the blower.

Update: Fixed to say it comes with the can cover, not the trash can.

Amazon would also charge an additional $29.97 for the Leaf collection System for a total comparison cost of $89.95

Didn’t notice that, although this doesn’t include the can, just the hose/can attachment. Probably worth the extra $10 though. I had a gas powered vacuum before, and constantly emptying the little bag was more trouble than raking. Hmmm… I’m about to have surgery, should I get this to make the wifey’s life a little easier?

You’re right, can cover is what was in my mind, but not what came out of the keyboard. :slight_smile: Good call out!

I just purchased this last week from Amazon to replace my old leaf hog ($28 deal from amazon in 2007)It works great has a metal blade so if it sucks up an acorn it should survive. I have only used it as a blower and I am very happy with this unit. the ‘wiggle’ attachment on the blower is handy for leaf removal from the gutter and the driveway but I find the ‘pin point’ attachment is a bit too closed so I use the blower with out it.

The promotion page states:

In Stock. Ships in 2-3 business days.

The sales confirmation I got states:

Shipping Speed: Standard (3-8 business days)

Why is there a difference & which speed is correct?

Picked one up last time hoping to solve my acorn problem. Meh. Great on leaves and very tiny sticks etc but don’t think you’ll be sucking up small acorns. Evidently they just dance around in the tube.

I have one of these from a few years back, and I’m happy with it. Mostly I use it as a blower, but I’ve found recently it’s really good for sucking up leaves and debris around landscaping and bushes – particularly after trimming, storms or leaf-falling season.

Mine’s close to end-of-life but I would definitely consider another one of these.

I believe it means your product will be boxed and shipped out in 2-3 days and that you can expect to receive the package within 3-8 business days after it ships, but I’m just speculating, I dont work for woot!

Do I really need another one of these? I could then leave one each as blower and vacuum, and not have to take the minutes to make the changeover. My wife does love (me) vacuuming the yard and outdoor patio (blowing leaves is hardly a controlled process, while sucking them up…keeps them out of the pool)

We have a B&D combo unit from a few years ago, and it’s worked fine - happy with it and its performance. The tempter today is that hose / drawstring bagger attachment which would help spread out the need to empty the bag. The 8’ hose sounds rather… limiting.

I own this machine and also added the can collection system at a different time. It is, without a doubt one of the most used garden/lawn machines I own! As I see it, the initial cost of the machine was paid back with interest after only the first year.

Here is how I use mine. I first blow the leaves into a huge pile and select a relatively windless day to do this. I then get my can and start sucking the leaves through the machine and into the can (it’s a big surprise to realize that you’ve made a big dent in that huge pile of leaves and still haven’t filled up the can. In a short time, that huge pile of leaves is gone. What’s left is two or three cans of chopped up leaves which is easily handled and disposed.

The metal impeller is what makes all this possible. It chops up the leaves and sucks them to their final resting place. By the way, someone made the comment that the machine will not pick up acorns. This is a fact but as I see it, this is a good thing. I have a lot of ground covered with small, decorative, chocolate colored stone (particularly in the backyard near the swimming pool. Leaves usually pile up on top of the stone and need to be removed. The machine sucks up all the leaves but will not disturb the heavier stone. This is very fortunate for me, as it makes my job of leaf removal far easier.

If you do not own this machine, you are surely missing something! By the way, I paid a lot more for my machine about 2 years ago.

^ This

Anyone have any idea how this works with Magnolia leaves? Those trees drop leaves year round - would be great to have something that can suck-em-up.


Hang on I’m confused. The Title says 5600 but in the Specs / In The Box it says: Black & Decker BV6600 High Performance Blower/Vac/Mulcher

Which is it Woot?

I got this a year or so ago when it was offered. Nice piece of kit. I get some HUGE bags from Home Depot to put in the giant recycling can the county gave us, and go to town. First I blow/rake them into piles around the yard, then go after them in vacuum mode. It chops everything up pretty fine and it’s pretty impressive how much will go into the can before it’s full. The “net” that goes over the can is a little prone to coming off but it’s not that often. The issues I have are that the hose kinks and kills the suction, which requires some adjustment, and that the vacuum mode can clog. It typically clogs in the intake chute, which is easy enough to clear, just shut it off and tap it on the ground, then back on again. The other issue is that if you’re sucking up wet/damp stuff, it can bind up inside the impeller chamber and that requires some (simple) disassembly to dig it out. That’s more an issue when sucking up leaves that have been sitting around and have become partially composted. If you get on them soon after they’ve fallen, you’ll be in better shape. I got mine a couple of months after they dropped and that was my penance for being a slacker about it.