Black & Decker Drill and Stud Finder Set

**Item: **Black & Decker Drill and Stud Finder Set
Price: $24.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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I own this drill and I do like it, however I do not use it for more screwing things into things. Seems to be built well and feels solid in my hand.

I also own this, and I do not like it. At least not for more than simple jobs. The power behind it just isn’t enough at times, and I cannot leave it off the charger for more than a week now without it being completely dead.

You can find the manual right here

I have the worst luck getting stud finders to work properly… Every time I try to use one it just constantly beeps…

The stud finder “Detects wood studs up to 3/4-inch thick”!?!? Is wood < or = 3/4" thick even considered a stud?

Sorry, I’ll leave the room next time.

I have the 18v version of this drill, and it works great, but I would be wary of it in 14v.

I have had excellent luck with Black and Decker refurbs, tho, so that shouldn’t scare people off.

The stud finder? Completely useless.

Is this an automated account? The searches are never right. For example, this search for amazon and google are just for “black”. This is not a quality post.

I’ve had the 14.4 version, it burned out in about 1 year. Sparks and a nice smell came out of it. It quickly went in the garbage. The 18v has some nice torque, and lasts quite a while.

The studfinder is OK. Honestly, you’re better off knocking on the wall finding the hollow spots. That’s how my dad taught me, it’s always worked for me. Once you find one, you can always figure it’s going to be 16 or 24 inches on center.

Keep an eye on that walwart charger; they like to go missing. I lost mine during a move, and had to buy the regular charger…and then found my walwart charger.

Yeah it should be

“+” in the spaces, and the Hex code for special chars like &.

Does anyone know what chemistry the battery uses?

NiCd? Li Poly? Li Ion? Rechargable alkaline?

I looked, and couldn’t find anything.


I’ve had this drill now for 10 years. I loved it but the batteries finally gave out. They lasted quite a long time actually. I just found them at Home Depot for $26, so I just picked up two last week (because I really do love this drill). I also have the 18 volt which I also like. Never hurts to have a couple of drills handy with different bits ready to go. But this is such a great price, I’m getting another.

It will be either NiCad or NiMH. Either one will have the problems with shelf life, charge memory, limited capacity, weight etc that all those batteries had, all of which were solved with the Li ion batteries. But $25 is the price of one Li ion battery, so this is basically a free drill with old technology. If you use it for light simple jobs like drilling small holes or as a power screwdriver, it should be fine as long as you pay attention to taking care of the battery. I stopped buying Black and Decker tools when the drill I was using broke in half in my hands. It still ran, but it was kind of hard to use in two pieces. At this price, it’s a decent deal. You’re getting the cheapest cordless drill on the market with an old tech battery. The one I’m using was $100, but it’s a Hitachi with two Li ion batteries.

Read the manual. You have to calibrate it for the wall first, so that it can tell the difference between empty space and solid wood.

Bought this with a combo flashlight about 5 years ago when 14.4V was medium duty. Using same 2 batteries and it still works well for small jobs. I use a corded drill for anything it cannot handle.

Batteries are NiCd and work well if fully (or very close) discharged before recharging.

Not a great deal for the price as you can find a refurbished 18v for nearly the same price and that would be a nice improvement over the 14.4V in terms of power.

The stud finder is fine and VERY useful in my opinion, but add the underpowered 14 volt battery to the drill and we have a problem! The drill is not only underpowered, it’s also old battery technology and has outlived its usefulness about 4 or 5 years ago. I have moved on to lithium-ion batteries and so has most of the industry. They are now sweeping warehouses clean of any remnants of these old batteries and that’s why the price you see here is so attractive.

I have this set. It is convenient for small jobs, but under powered for anything more than drilling one or two holes in soft wood or a few screws. It was better when I first bought it. The stud finder is useless.