Black & Decker LeafHog Blower and Collection System

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Black & Decker LeafHog Blower and Collection System
Price: $89.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 2-3 business days. (Friday, Jan 02 to Monday, Jan 05) + transit
Condition: New


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.:Inserts obvious “Sucks and Blows” joke here:.

4.3 Stars on the Blower/Vacuum over at Walmart

Purchased this last time woot offered it. It’s worth every penny. This thing destroys leaves. I like using it to suck leaves out of the plants around my house. Also sucks up piles of leaves. Grinds them up so you use far less bags too. I’d definitely buy it again.

Got this from Woot 2 years ago. I don’t use it often but when I do, I’m always pleased. It works great for getting the leaves out of the hard to reach places.

How well does the leaf collection system work? I have one that only uses a bag. I tried setting up a makeshift blower right into a trashcan, but it failed miserably. After unloading the bag for the third time, it gets old, fast.

Agreed. Where can I buy that hose attachment? Mine works great but emptying out the bag is a pain.

Amazon for $30.

Which brings me to my next point, this is a good deal. The leaf collection system itself is a $30 product and the leaf blower is a $90 product. It’s like you’re getting the collection system free with purchase of the leaf blower.

This is assuming Woot actually ships the collection system. There was an offering late summer for another B&D system that included the hose and can cover…except it shipped with the hose only. After multiple contacts with Woot customer service and no resolution, I finally got an equivalent credit after shaming Woot on social media.

Sorry to jump on your comment, but potential buyers should be aware of what happened last time.

I’m on the fence on this one. I have a B&D leafblower for a number of years, but I never really use it for collecting, other than hard to reach areas, which it seems to handle well with the simple bag it came with.

Blowing leaves into large piles and then pulling it on a tarp to the curb is my main disposal method.

Since mine is getting a little old, it might be a good time to refresh it, but I don’t really NEED it…

If anyone has a ton of leaves (I have 14 oaks), I would skip this and go straight for a Billy Goat leaf vacuum. I tried this and many other collection systems and spent way more than if I had just bought a Billy Goat vac first. It will destroy leaves, sticks, acorns, pine cones, glass bottles, cans, trash, and anything else that will fit through it. Everything gets shredded and the reduction is a consistent 10 to 1. Just check craigslist and you can find them for around $3-500; a lot more, but a million times better.

I tried the Black and Decker before the Billy Goat, and it is a great little machine for a small yard, but is not adequate for the amount of leaves I had.

I purchased this LeafHog during last year’s woot. Works great, does not get clogged and I use the blower portion more than the vac (I live in Florida). However when I do use the vac my only issue is the trash can attachment. The hose will detach sometimes or the fabric shield will blow off the trash can sending leaves everywhere. You can pull it tight with the string, but it can still slip off sometimes. I give the product an overall “A-” and would buy again if I did not have one.

Says it comes with it, but not the trash can:
•Includes one tube measuring eight feet, and “the drawstring fabric trash can cover” shipped and it is packed in the tube.
•Bin is not included with this item

Right, the collection system is the hose and the can cover. Mine shipped with just the hose, no can cover, as was the case for multiple purchasers for that sale.

All I’m saying is: anyone who buys this, open your packages right away and make sure everything has been included.

ETA: Link to comments for that sale

Overall the product is a B at best.

The unit can handle big leaves, but they need to be big, clean and dry. They cannot have many twigs, nuts, etc. We have a few willow trees and it cannot handle the thin branches that drop in the fall. They just get tangled up.

As others have commented the hose disintegrates after a few years and the closure on the trash can cover is not sturdy. It would frequently come loose as I was taking in the leaves. Next summer I will be redoing the hose with some thin straight PVC pipe. The ribbing inside of the hose often gets the leaf pieces to clog up.

I wouldn’t buy it again. Ours was a gift. We will use it until it dies and then upgrade to something of greater significance.

I got a similar system (the LH4500 instead of this LH5000) from Woot last year. I did receive all of the parts for the leaf collection system. I used it this fall on the leaves in my yard, and it did a pretty good job.

For the front yard, I collected the mulched leaves in a trash can, which fills up pretty quickly even though the unit does a good job of shredding everything. If you’re using a trash can with it, you’ll want to rake the leaves into piles first, because the various connections on this unit aren’t that strong. If you try to walk around and vacuum up leaves without raking first, you’ll end up doing a slapstick routine:

  1. Reach too far with unit, trash can tips over.
  2. Set down vacuum, move trash can closer to where you’re working.
  3. Restart vacuum, work a while, reach too far, cloth cover slips off top of trash can, blowing leaf debris all around.
  4. Stop vacuum, set it down, put cloth cover back on trash can, which is nearly a three-handed job anyway. Curse mildly, tighten the stupid drawstring as hard as you can.
  5. Restart vacuum, work a while, reach too far, hose disconnects from cloth cover, blowing more leaf debris all around.
  6. Stop vacuum, set it down, reconnect the @#$% hose to the ^&*! cover, tip over %$#@ trash can while you’re doing so, curse less mildly, remind yourself to get a proper hose clamp the next time you’re at the store.
  7. Restart vacuum, work a while, realize trash can is full, undo your nice tight drawstring connection, dump trash can, retighten drawstring, start working again.
  8. Step on extension cord, unplug unit. Seriously consider just blowing &%#! leaves into neighbor’s yard.
  9. Return to step 1.

For my backyard, I just left the hose dragging behind me, letting the mulched leaves go right back into the yard. It shreds stuff up pretty small, although tough things like oak leaves from the adjoining property (thanks, neighbor!) took a second pass.

Anyway, once you get the hang of it, the unit makes a tedious, annoying job somewhat less so.

My experience is different with this unit, which is my second B&D system. The first lasted over 20 years. This one has a metal impeller which is where the debris gets sucked through, and which grinds the material to reduce the overall size. I have a large oak tree, southern style, which means it has small leaves, not the large ones many may be familiar with. The tree produces LOTS of fruits (acorns) and this thing sucks them up, grinds them well, along with numerous twigs, and has been excellent.
The blower itself is a 2 speed, which is very helpful, giving you more control than my first one did. Last, the blower extension has an innovative device at the end of it, that moves back and forth, and really helps round up leaves.
Overall, have to recommend this unit, and the collection system (hose, can cover) fully.

I bought this last year when it was on woot and it’s a great deal.

It works really well. A nice feature that this particular leaf hog has over some of the other versions of the leaf hog is that the blade is metal and not plastic.

Previously I had a leaf hog with the plastic blades and over time twigs and stones going through the vacuum wore the plastic down. I’ve been going strong with the metal blades and the blades show no signs of damage after a year of use.