Black & Decker LeafHog Blower and Collection System

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Black & Decker LeafHog Blower and Collection System
Price: $89.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Thursday, Feb 05 to Friday, Feb 06) + transit
Condition: New


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12/31/2014 - $89.99 - Click To See Discussion (24 comments)

I bought this on the last go-round and as a vacuum / chopper it is pretty awesome. I have liveoaks here and the leaves are heavy and waxy and a general PITA to deal with, and this makes the work a lot quicker.

The bag holds a surprising amount. It deals with acorns and smaller twigs without batting an eye (acorns actually being rather musical when sucked up in quantity).

I did have on easy to solve issue - the fabric inside the bag around the blower attachment was left in large flaps - and that shredded rather quickly under use and immediately started to tangle with the chopped leaves and twigs - to the point where the mass grew large enough to actually BLOCK the blower. I had to get some shears and trim all that crap back. Not a huge deal, but it’s clear there’s not a lot of QA going on with these things.

Have even vacuumed my SuperGutter - and while the bit of water mixed with the leaves made for a fair mess in (and leaking through) the bag, it had no affect on the operation of the unit.

My only beef is the trashcan attachment - it’s sized for something along the lines of a kitchen trash can - absolutely will not fit your larger “roughneck” sized cans. I have yet to be able to use it since I don’t own any “baby trashcans” outdoors.

Would buy again. Get you one.

This is a complete lie:

…no WAY does the one I got fit a can this size…

I have a similar one, a year or so older. It is a royal pain in the a$$ to change from blower to vac. Especially after its no longer new. Otherwise, its pretty good at it’s job.

And it’s this model??? Are your parts getting stuck or something? IMO this is a snap (pun fully intended) - takes maybe 60 seconds, but some of the pieces are rather “fiddly” to get seated. The Darwin-award seekers out there can run it without the chopper guard (have 9-1-1 on speed dial 'cause you’re not gonna have fingers to push many buttons)

I love that “leaf flapper” thing-a-ma-bob - it’s great for rooting out the liveoak leaves as they really tend to drill into the grass.

Picked this woot up last fall, and it did a terrific job on my leaves this fall. I’ll echo the prior poster that it handles damp leaves very well, but creates a mess. Haven’t had a need to attempt the garbage can route.

You almost had me woot!. I was just about to add to the cart and check out but the little man in the back of my head said check the price first. $77 with free Prime shipping on Amazon, you know that website you may or may not be affiliated with. I’ve tried to ignore the nay-sayers but come on now.

Side note here but pufferfishy is on probation for a post from 2008?? Seriously?? No forgive and forget from you huh?

Why does everyone seem to have trouble figuring out that this deal is actually for 2 different items and the blower on Amazon (for $77) is just part of the deal (the collection system sells for almost $30 extra)
The same reaction happened last time this was listed…

I have to echo.

First these always go on sale in April and May and should just be a black Wednesday deal here in January.

36% off list price is so insane because it’s a B&D product that should not even be allowed to have a STARTING price (people should bid up to what list should be allowed for B&D to quote - I’ll start off with $0.49) There are gas models (4-cycle no less) that can be bought for $89. Ryobi makes a great one that BLOWS this away.

And that MPH is a lot of BS hot air stats. You want high CFM, not MPH.

Forget it, this deal just blows.

So, to your first point, the $77 is for just one part of the system.

To your second point - that’s his signature, he’s not actually on probation.

It’s also worth mentioning that there’s an older, less powerful model of this unit that was largely panned (albeit cheaper) - this one is fully worth the 90 clams