Black & Decker Matrix Drill & Router Kit

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**Item: **Black +%26 Decker Matrix Drill +%26 Router Kit
Price: $79.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $15 One-Day
Condition: New

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isn’t that Home Depot link for the “Drill and Impact,” not the “Drill and Router”?

Bought this drill (not the impact wrench combo) from Home Depot earlier this year to help with construction on my college senior engineering design project because we kept getting tied down with the corded drill (pun intended haha). I believe I paid $59.99 +tax for it.

The battery lasted about 3 days with heavy usage, it probably lasts longer with moderate/occasional usage. Doesn’t take too long to charge either. The torque setting is great so you don’t strip screws. The drill will also just stop when the battery is too low, it doesn’t slow down before finally stopping, so you don’t really get a warning before it’s going to stop working and you have to charge it.

I’ve used the Ryobi ONE+ system in the past as well during high school and I think this B&D Matrix system is awesome, and just as good, if not better. I plan on getting some of the other attachments as well (jigsaw, circular saw, sander) sometime in the future.

Just want to note that I was considering this vs the B&D dedicated 12v drill and ended up choosing the 12v drill because the matrix is single speed and the 12v lithium is dual. So far I’ve been satisfied with B&D power tools for light home work. Haven’t used them for anything fancy.

Let’s learn all about the warrantly

I bought the 20v drill at the beginning of summer. I haven’t tried any accessories yet. I’m waiting for better pricing. Mine didn’t come with the fast charger so it takes some time to charge up. But run time is pretty good.

The trigger is my biggest complaint as it’s too hard to get a slow rotation especially since it’s single speed. You try to give a screw one last touch and the thing torques the sucker further than you wanted.

The build of the shell is nice. I also recently came into a cheap 18v DeWalt combo set drill/impact and I was surprised how lousy the shell mold was since it has lots of mismatched sharp edges where it comes together. I guess it’s DeWalt basic version as it’s not one I ever see on display. But the drive unit and trigger are of better quality than my B&D.

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Let’s check out the product page for the router attachment

I bought this drill from Home Depot last year when it was released. I have to say it’s one of my favorite drills I have purchased so far. I also bought a jigsaw attachment, which has been very handy for small projects around the house. Great drill for the price. You can’t beat the warranty either, B & D takes care of their Customers. See Below.

Story: I purchased a 12v lithium drill for my father on his Birthday (not Matrix), battery wouldn’t hold charge after 8 months. B & D sent him 2 new batteries in the mail in a couple of days, and extended the warranty to cover the new batteries for another year.

Not having used this specific drill, I have however used many B&D tools in the past. If something breaks, good luck getting them to do anything for you. It will always come back as you (the user) having done something to void the warranty. Their tools are designed to fail.

That said, my grandfather has B&D tools from ages ago that work wonderfully. They have just falled from where they used to be.

If you want quality, go with Ryobi.

This looks to be better made than the budget B&D drills. If you don’t already own these individual tools, this would be a really nice and useful combination set for light to medium duty use. Great price compared to a couple hundred for three individual tools. The photo of the dude wearing a mask just to rout a little edge on a board is pretty funny. Do you wear a mask to drill a hole in a board?

Has anyone ever used the router attachment on hard wood? Most of the routers I own have max rpm’s up to 10 times that of this one. I can’t imagine a router with only 800 maximum rpm’s making a clean cut on any hardwood. Maybe a soft wood like pine, but hardwoods like maple, oak and cherry is the real test.

Have to agree. Years and years ago, B&D was a dependable brand, but now–junk. I’ve been burned by them too many times–various power tools, weed eater, coffee maker (Oh, God, the coffee maker!), leaf blower, etc.

There’s only one brand I WILL not buy. Ever. In the days when we needed to save money, we bought B&D because they were often the cheapest. Going that route with other brands meant you lost some features, or it might not be the sturdiest build but it did the basic job. With B&D, more often then not, it failed within days. You don’t really notice the pattern buying stuff over the years, but I finally got wise and counted up the stuff with their logo on it I’d bought that either failed or didn’t function correctly. And I enacted the only buying rule in my household:

If it’s orange and black, put it back.

To all reviewers out there, pay attention to this. THIS is useful information…the little nuances about a drill that really makes it significantly different from what one is used to with all other battery drills they’ve used. If I can’t have control over that last two or three pulses to finely sink the screw to exactly where I want it, that’s a deal breaker for me.

Same question I have. I would expect this thing to fail miserably as a router for most any purpose. Even if there’s a gear-reduction in the router module, you’re going to gain speed but lose torque, so again I wouldn’t expect performance to be adequate at all. But then again, a decent trim router is ~$100 and we’re talking $80 for a multi-purpose drill. I wouldn’t expect it to do anything particularly well.

Came to ask much the same question - how have owners found the router to be? Routers can be extremely touchy tools. Tiny amounts of tool chatter, runout, or deflection can adversely (and very noticeably) affect any job you need a router for.

this is from the specs page linked above for the router attachment:

Variable Speed allows for precision performance thats right for each job
RPM (12v Max = 0-6800, 20v Max = 0-9000 and AC 4A = 0-7300)

Looks like about a 10 to 1 gearing. As noted above, that comes with a trade-off in torque but I would not expect to put the kinds of torque on a router that would be used to drive in a lag bolt.

this is probably a good deal for everything you’re getting here, but I really wouldn’t use the router that much. and the drill is $65 on amazon shipping prime. better deal for me.