Black & Decker Power Tools

Time to get things fixed up and ready for the winter! What’s on your repair list?

No thanks. The last time I bought a Black and Decker power tool, it failed in less than a day and even when it was working, it seemed to be lacking in quality.

These tools will probably be great for someone who just needs it for an odd job around the house once or twice a month, but if you plan on doing a major project, I’d consider looking at another line of products

Black & Decker is one of the only tool companies still using NiCd batteries, unfortunately.

Be prepared for battery performance to decline rapidly and stop working altogether within a couple of years.

But, for $20 it might still be worth it.

I won’t buy anything without lithium batteries anymore. Don’t know why NiCd and NiMH are still used.

FWIW, the Handisaw is indeed a NiCad battery but the rest are corded tools.

Don’t expect these to be high quality tools. I guess they would be ok to send off to college with Jr. But if Jr. needs this kind of tools at school, wouldn’t you rather buy good quality tools?

Black and Decker, the dregs of the power tool world.

Got nothing broken at this time, though i have some projects. I intend to build a shelf made out of wooden crates and restore an old wooden trunk.

Aside from that, B&D will get the job done, but, as others have stated, are the low end of the quality spectrum.

Not for the serious worker.

Buy if:

You occasionally get a wild hair to try to fix something yourself.

Your husband never fixes anything bc his excuse is “I dont have the tools for the job”.

Your aging mother has taken up remodeling in a defiant stance against her impending passing.

You have an unusual affinity for NiCrapadmium batteries.

Here’s an energy density graph. NiCd’s are heavier than Li Ions for the same power.

Also, I got the Powah! Bum! Bum, bum, bum Bumm! Oh ya i mean notes on battery cycle performance.

J. Amp

Avoid the 6-volt handisaw. I bought one of these several years ago, thinking that I could trim shrubs without getting my corded shrub trimmer out. I couldn’t even cut 1/4" wood with it. Pretty much worthless.

B&D’s quality has steadily gone downhill in recent years. I’d take a HF version of the tool over any of these.

What I really WANT is a circular saw. Why is there no circular saw? ARGH! The power tool Gods conspire against me!

Black and Decker is to tools as Yugo is to automobiles!

Regarding the heat gun…I have this same exact unit except mine says Porter-Cable. Humm…guess B&D and P-C are part of same company? Anyway, this gun replaced a Makita that worked for somewhere around a decade. Compared to the Makita this one is noticeably weaker. It works, but it is definitely an entry-level type thing.

B & D bought Porter-Cable a few years ago and Delta, too! whadda you gonna do?

Dewalt is also part of that same group. That’s the high end brand.

Hey Woot, Amazon beats your price on the Multi-Tool with free shipping.

Concur…no deal here…and, it did help me locate a good one for a better price, and Amazon still gets a cut. Tool

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