Black and Decker 20 Watt Power Backup Battery Pack - 2 Pack

On “two for tuesday”, you get two of whatever is being sold.

BTW, if you plug one into the other you can create a self-sustaining power source. You loose some energy as heat from the transfer, but if you sick a pizza over it, you make up for the difference in dinner.

are these rechargeable themselves? or just use til dead and toss?

in for 3 woot woot! not a bad deal for x-mas presents at 6 bucks a pop.

on the end, right under the two green lights, there is a popout light gray rubber nub for the usb plug. to the left of that is another light gray piece that slides to the center exposing the ac plug. note that it is not for a grounded plug, only a 2 prong plug.


Any help from April foolers…

how would these do if I brought these to class with me for my laptop? I only have enough battery to last through about 75% of my MWF schedule. I have to find an outlet between classes to charge up real quick or do some major conserving (wouldn’t want to make Al and his inconvenient toot happy).

Will this work with my laptop?

i hope we are not related.

Had five, gave one to my brother for his Birthday… still trying to pass two more on… That’s what Christmas is all about…

NVM just noticed the whole 20 watt thing I am guessing this isnt enough…

Got one the last time they came up. It was the perfect answer to the question “how the heck am I going to charge my cell phone while I’m camping?”

It held enough power to charge both my phone and my Sansa on one charge.

Anyone have a any idea what kind of batteries these use, which could in turn indicate just how long they could keep a usable charge? They seem useful for keeping stowed away for emergencies, but not if you have to charge them every week or two…

Oh, the flood of memories is just too horrific… I’ll never look at April and these little buggers the same again.

Thinking Woot-Off is a thing of the past. I would think with the lack of decent stuff that’s been offered the past week or so they would have one…kinda bummed.

Do those have 110v outlet?

Good question. You could not run the laptop off this, nor could you really charge it; however, if you plugged it in allowed it to act as a co-battery, it just may work. Any electric-type folks out there?

I ended up with four of these out of the April Woot-Off. I haven’t even opened the boxes they came in. I’m not sure why I bought these, now.


At only 20w for 3 minutes of sustained operation, I doubt they would be of any serious help for your laptop. you’d burn through both of them in very short order, even with maximum power saving on.

I grabbed two of these last time they were up, and I was pleasantly surprised. I keep them on the boat so I can recharge my phone or GPS if it dies while I’m out on the lake. Just a note though: they seem to work much better and last longer if you charge though the USB connector instead of the AC connector. Also, they function much better if you prevent them from entering the lake.

Gonna grab a couple more for Christmas presents, thanks woot.