Black and White and Red All Over



I like it… but I don’t understand it all too well :frowning:


Um, the newspaper is missing. I believe a newspaper is black and white and read all over as well.


I bet that penguin is still fighting the Cold War.


I don’t get it.


I don’t get the reference for this one.


funny, but the joke would have carried better if their outfits were in color.

also go capitalism of communism


Congrats Omnitarian! Great to see you get some well-deserved love at Woot. :smiley:


The black and white part is from a common joke. The red part indicates that they are communists.


Saw this sideart on Teefury last week. Seemed like a lot of people were interested…if there were someway to contact them and get them here it might sell more!
That tip is free Woot. Cause I like you.


All those animals are black and white. And they are wearing communist hats thus they are “red”


They’re all black and white animals. Plus, they’re communist…


Didn’t the U.S. recently bust some Russian spies living secret lives? Perhaps the greatest threat is still at large-- IN THE ZOOS!


Sweet. What’s that – 3 prints in 2 weeks? Wow!


“What’s black and white and red all over?” A NEWSPAPERHURRR, etc. etc.

PS: I do love this shirt.


Isn’t there supposed to be a blender in the mix?


I’m thinking that bird looks a lot more like a magpie than a raven…


That’s some serious equipment the penguin is carrying…


If I didn’t already know the joke that an embarrassed zebra’s “black and white and red all over” then I would think that the animal on the right is like Hobbes, or something, after he got into a fight and got his nose punched hard, maybe.


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