Black and White and Red All Over

I’ll PM you my bank address for my share of the Woot money.

Please to God don’t sellout when I wake up.

Why can’t you just buy it now?

Lazy and ready to sleep.

Nice, glad to see this one here! :smiley:

I minored in poli sci, and I dont get it either.

The animals are all black and white, but they’re red cause they’re commies!!! haha statin’ the obvious, but i love this shirt!

This post is full of puzzles and labyrinths.

Do they represent specific communist leaders? The one on the right (skunk) reminds me of Brezhnev.

Castro - Bay of Pigs perhaps?

In that company, I’d expect Mao to be third, but I don’t get the bird (he did kill a lot of sparrows) - anyone?

Then there’s Moses the Raven from Orwell’s Animal Farm - okay, I’m totally confused and must go to bed.

I sent a email to my brother, who knows much more than I do about such things…

edit: When I went to bed, I was thinking that maybe the one one the left was a zebra’s body with a pig’s nose, but I see a lot of you say it’s just a zebra. I don’t think the head looks like a zebra’s, but maybe that’s how a zebra came out when Omnitarian anthropormorphized it. Also, the cap with the star - that’s Chinese Red Army, right?

what is black and white and red all over?
a commie zebra! (or penguin or skunk or raven…i guess) hahaha…

And this is how the Cold War was won by the USA…


The magpie is the best part. It looks like its about to open a miniscule can of whoop A$$.

I think my favorite response to this riddle has always been “penguin in a blender”.

If you were commie you wouldn’t need money… You just gotta be in the party!

You know, I’ve heard versions of this joke with zebras, penguins, and skunks, but I’ve never heard one with a magpie.

You just need to have a funny bone, and not take everything seriously.

All animals that are black and white…

all animals are wearing communist (or red) garb.

There is your joke. Really, why is it so hard to get?

Well…there is some irony in that, is there not?

This is a good shirt.

I would buy it if there wasn’t text.

He’s not Russian to buy this shirt.

For all the people that don’t understand it. All the animals are black and white. They are also red all over because they are communist. The shirt comes from the joke: What’s black and white and red (read) all over?

Communist Penguin, Zebra, Skunk, and I don’t know what kind of bird that is.