Black and White CMOS Camera

Good deal

Maybe if it was color…

I could use this to spy on my sister in the bathroom

You guys are killing me…

creepy in a box

…for all of your '50’s style peeping tom needs

What is a VCR???

If it were Wireless and I would have bit.


where is the bag of crap?

Wish this would store the video somehow.

does this remind anyone else of a Willy Wonka scene?

Black and white…the thing looks gray to me…

black and white? POO POO

This thing looks likes its from the '80’s

[Froogle]( 51308)

Stop using the f5 key and killing! use to watch for new wootoff items

Actually very tempting.

plz help me by clicking on this link

CMOS = Criminals May Only Smile?

“Black and white?” They really made video like that?

I thought that was just a story they made up to scare kids.