Black and White Truffle Butter (2)

I got these before (three pack included duck fat) and I love them. Great on bread, veggies, meat, my finger, bread, bread sticks, rolls…

So excited to see it again, and without the duck fat is better! (just never used it.)

Finally, butter again without the fat.
I’m in.
[edit] and I see I’m not alone with that thought.

We’re glad you like the butter…it certainly is finger lickin’ good.

No love for the duck fat? Try cooking potatoes in duck fat…you might just change your mind!

Thank you for putting this up without the duck fat. We are vegetarian and LOVE the truffle butter but when put up with the duck fat we are always out. Bought 2 sets this time so we can stock up!!!

Thanks for buying! And thank you for the feedback, it seems like you’re not the only one that prefers the kit without the fat.

Don’t forget to freeze the butter so you can enjoy it for a loooong time!

Why does this keep getting posted when I don’t have time to look. I want to buy some but can’t get to it when it’s up for sale.

Sorry you missed it! If you’d like, email me at and perhaps I can help you find some around your area.