Black Beast of Aaarrrrrgghh

It’s only a model.

Nice to see some different colors. This was one of my two favorites.

A charming, whimsical, movie-based design that’s sure to put a smile you’re face even if you aren’t that into the movie?

Must be a Walmazan.

Love the rabbit, nice details. :slight_smile:

No worries, folks! Police is on the way. Move along, nothing to see here.

Deadly cute

These are printed on American Apparel, right?

[MOD: These are on Anvil]

A noble night, huh? smh

Can’t wait to wear this to the theater the next time Spamalot is in town!

Hmm…a new shirt, or groceries…what a dilemma!

if in doubt:
new t-shirt & quicknoodles (ramen) for a week :wink:

Excellent! Nice work Wences!

I really like it. Easily recognizable, yet holds it own for design, placement and style.

Guess I have another shirt to buy… well done!

Doesn’t look that way.
“Manufactured In: Honduras/Nicaragua”


Pon pon pata pon… Pon pon pon pakata patapon

Nice one Wences!

It’s the old man from scene 24!

I was on the shrub line, as to whether or not to get one, until I looked closer at the design…

Is that a 5 ounce bird carrying a 1 pound coconut by the husk?!?