Black & Bolyard Brown Butter Mixed 3 Pack

Black & Bolyard Brown Butter Mixed 3 Pack

So wait…it’s basically $22/lb for…butter? It’s just butter that’s been infused and browned? I must be missing something here.

There’s some odd stuff here from time to time, but this stuff…Makes me want to yak just READING about it. And that price–Hoo-Boy!!

They say the gourmet deals are “made to order”, so the $22/lb is to cover all expenses from milking the animal, churning the butter, packaging, and distributing. As soon as your order is placed, the rancher will get a notification to start milking.

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Got just the Brown Butter on the mother ship the last time this came up. I used it on my pancakes just so I could taste it. It spread real well and the pancakes tasted great, but I certainly wouldn’t go out of my way to get it again. Can’t say anything about the other versions…Also can’t think of where or why I would use those, so there’s that.

How do you feed grass to butter :face_with_monocle:

This only comes from brown cows right? Everyone knows the brown ones are the only gluten free ones.