Black & Decker 18-Inch 36V Mulching/Bagging Mower

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Black & Decker 18-Inch 36V Mulching/Bagging Mower
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These will handle somewhere between a 0.3 to 0.4 acre yard on a single charge. The higher the grass gets the less yard it will cut because the amount of power needed to cut weeds you should have cut three weeks ago. You can’t just put more electricity into the tank, but you can always charge overnight and break it into two days, or you could just mow regularly. Mine has been solid for the last two years.

Says it holds a charge for 1/3 acre. The reviews are great for this.

However this is an integrated battery. I’d upgrade to the removeable batteries. Unless it is a reason to get away from the wife and meet with the guys.
Also this unit has the trimmer reel. I’ve always dislike those and just go with the blade and can easily sharpen those instead of the cord always breaking.

Ha ha! I read your desperate plea for comments and felt obliged to respond. Feel free to send me a free mower for my altruistic display of mercy.
Actually, the only thing I can contribute is that I’ve owned a B&D cordless mower for over 15 years now (Model CM1000) and it is still going strong…on it’s original battery! Granted, it’s a different model so take this with a grain of salt. And nowadays I’m using it for trimming, but it could still easily cut 4,000-5,000 sq ft if I felt like pushing it around that much. Are the new ones as good as or better than the old ones? Who’s to say. Well, sure it’d be nice if I said it, but that would be stretching my experience envelope.
I’d like to add that my CM1000 is extremely convenient compared to a gas model, and the low noise level is great for dads who need to keep their ears open for young children while they mow (this was the primary reason why I bought mine). So I guess that’s three things I could say. Just saying’.

I had a B&D electric mower. Seemed pretty cool until it caught fire while recharging and almost burned my house down. So, there’s that . . .

pics or nobody believes you

Had one of these for 9 years. Had it in for servicing 5 years in and replaced the battery once. Just upgraded to the self-propelled model. The thing weighs quite a bit but the quiet running and simple pull-bar start is great.

We’ve had a Black and Decker cordless for more than ten years.

Having spent many years fussing with a gas mower, I love the maintenance-free simplicity of a cordless electric. You start and stop with a switch. No gasoline in the garage. No annual maintenance issues, except sharpening the blades.

And I agree with the comments about the noise levels being so much less.

Reviews are not good over at Owners complain of shoddy manufacturing–and very poor customer service. I’m in the market for a new mower…but not this one.

In the even that it is helpful, I purchased the 19-inch, removable battery version (CM1936) of this last year and have been extremely happy with it; stores compactly and has not had any issues. Mowing high and mulching it can last for the entire yard (approx .3 acres), but can die a little early (~85% of the way through) with the deck lower or if the grass is significantly wet.

Be warned, however. They are HEAVY (72 lbs for mine). I have a very hilly yard and its a hell of a workout. My wife is at least able to mow the lawn but has to split it across two days. If you are smaller I’d say an electric mower is not the way to go for a less than flat yard.

Bought it last round, it works great. I do both front and back with one charge. Front is about 1/4 acre and back is 1/2 acre. First time I used it Grass was high and it had trouble but a week later when the grass was normal it was fast.

I have used an earlier incarnation of B&D’s electric bladed mower for about 5 years. I’m very pleased with it and have had no problems except that I have to stop pretty often to clean out the pan around the blade and the grass exhaust hole, or whatever you call it. They both clog up pretty fast. Anyway, I would get this mower again, even though it weighs a lot and is hard for an old fat girl to push around. It’s quiet and does the job, and there’s not much more I could want.

If you are referring to yourself as “nobody”, I concur.