Black+Decker 20V Max Lithium Ion Chainsaw

Why list the price at 109.99 when its only 10 dollars more on Amazon w free prime shipping?

Maybe they should also link to Walmart’s site where it is only 10 bucks more too.

It says list price. ALL sellers do this. You might as well ask why is it 70.99 and not 71 bucks.

Amazon has amazing price far under list price.

Nothing says power like a lithium ion chainsaw.

Power AND convenience! In for one. This will make short work of those young trees the previous owner let spring-up along the fence line.

I have a Black ‘n’ Decker lithium weed trimmer that has served me very well. This thing is perfectly suited for life in the suburbs.

Just like a giant truck isn’t necessary to bring home two bags of mulch, a big gas chainsaw isn’t necessary for tasks like trimming branches or cutting down a small tree. This is more than sufficient to do such jobs – without a cord –
and not needing to deal with gas engines and ongoing maintenance thereof.

I have nagging branches and small trees in my yard that are too big for my pruning tools and this chainsaw did the trick. Shipped in three days, charged up quick and worked fast. Had one tree that fell that was too big to move manually. Was a bit too big for saw but I used it anyway and got it done in about 20 min.