Black & Decker 20W Backup Battery – 2 Pack

Noobs: before you post a question or comment that will get you snarked at,

– Yes, it’s April Fool’s Day.
– The woot-off lights are going but it’s the same item each time. That’s the joke.
– Bgs of Crp have come up twice. They sold out really fast. Some people have reported confirmation of their purchases.
– Nobody who’s been here any length of time thinks you are going to get the other items in the picture with the batteries. Partly because it says on the description, “not that other stuff.”
– If you click on the picture of the item you will get another picture that shows the battery pack somewhere in the world, with a description that uses the initials bee oh cee. Like “battery on curb.”
– Baiting other consumers, that was teh funny, and other catchphrases are covered in the FAQ. If you want to see what the person actually typed, click “reply” and you’ll get the original text.
– This item will only power low-drain devices. It is rechargeable. It is available elsewhere for more money (notice this is two batteries for $20 incl shipping or $10 each, do the math before you post.) For more info, go to the internet and look for a review, or go to discussions from earlier offerings and pick through them looking for a link to a review. You’re unlikely to get any real advice from anyone here.
– Some people think that there will be a glut of these on the resale sites next week as a whole lot of people realize that they really, really bought batteries instead of (a) cleverly disguised bgs of crp or (b) batteries and whatever was plugged into the batteries in the picture.

so many people are gonna think there gonna get the ipod lol

Oh man, that cheesesteak looks hella good!

24514 batteries sold so far.

Battery on Cheesesteak lol

Not fair now I am starving! thanks WOOT

Battery on Cheesesteak

Battery on Cheesesteak

as always, too slow…

I thought i was gonna get a B****OC :frowning:

Batteries on Cheesesteaks. Nice.

Whew! Thought I missed out. Will this run my new sound system?

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Battery on Cheesesteaks.

and I want the iPhone…

it is april fools they had until i realized what day it was.

I don’t unnerstant. This is stupid. It’s boring. It’s frustrating.

At the same time, it’s fascinating.

I. Need. To. Get. A. Life.

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Black & Decker 20W Backup Battery � 2 Pack
$14.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Black & Decker CP120B 20 Watt Power Backup Battery Pack

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