Black+Decker 3-Tool GoPak Project Kit

Black+Decker 3-Tool GoPak Project Kit

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Hello nice to know of you in my email. eal a bit kate as got a drill. Happy with case, look, etc, but it doesn’t seem to drill through this thin metal shed or hole no matter if I try to hold it,etc or what I have tried. it just spins.

Maybe is plastic protect give coating need to peel & see metal. I think messed up the number 10 drill whatever that artow pointy thing is called. I dis want a blue set I saw & other. But wanted a sander for a whole now. I’m a gal & new to all if this. Just learning now at older age,collection gcuzgotta do it all my self no help. A light be great, but this had extended warranty to buy or not ? Die it cone with batteries likethe not nabe brand o boughtwhich cost me a few bucks momormomore thenthis. Like $52or $56.

This is better with sanded & light, which I need in old efficiency place real bad low light yellow light, which hope to spend to remedy. I’m waiting on a refund 3 days of $50, but I need that for real good interlocking floor pieces for shed I got. Spending by now for all $40O, between shed, parts, tarps, anchor augins, floor, floor frame, drill, etc it is a lot already plus another, $50 @stores yesterday, haircut, etc.

Plus $80 on Walmart pots, peroxide, etc, I needed , or soor towards a real floor for shed. Hopefully not too much like plywood or metal sheets per square feet, etc, plus I can’t cut nor even if measured or free at Home Depot to get it cut, no way.

I need ones that I can just assemble easily & one low set price in pkgd box. I also have a bkg HSN one item a bit pricy, o

purchase I am making in a bit. Now 3 really am thinking seriously of returning this no name brand for this Black & Decker known trusted brand name.

Will you have this again soon, cuz I’d hate to give up this item & also the chase of better item. & send the other back & wait to get refund of even extended warranty I hope as I like to do b4 order other stuff or things & wait for deliveries coming so not overwhelmed different days or many in same week or back to back.

Does it come with a case ?

Hi there. Hard to say if we’ll have it again or when. Our inventory cycles based on what our vendors have available in many cases.