Black & Decker Corded Dual-Action Hedge Trimmer – 2 Pack

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Black & Decker Corded Dual-Action Hedge Trimmer - 2 Pack
$59.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Great deal… too bad I live in a basement apartment

2…So you can have a hedge trimmer dual?

This reminds me of a song!

YouTube Video

Seriously woot?! I wouldn’t know what to do with ONE Hedge trimmer let alone two.

I’m sorry…Two? Really? Explain the logic.

Best used dual-wielding to intimidate any squirrels that thought it was a good idea to take up residence in your lilac bushes!

Two for tuesday is the perfect start for next year’s halloween costume.

Edward Trimmerhands.

Glad these can be useful even for an apartment dweller like me!

Who the hell would want TWO hedge trimmers?

A man does not wield only one hedge trimmer at a time. This is why they come in pairs.

If only I had hedges in which to trim

Or Dual Wield Hedgers

I just realized… These Hedge Trimmers are Dual Action… So this is basically a 4 for foresday


Or a duel, even.

Dual hedge trimmers for dual wielding…

Oh! I get it… Hooray for!

This is great…now both my kids can practice their hedge trimming at the same time!

Too bad halloween has passed…I can think of a pretty cool dual-hedge trimmer-armed monster costume.

A very decent deal, and I’m glad to see “two for Tuesday” is kind of back (but where is the familiar icon?)…

-edit- am I being slow at 1am? I can almost swear, there was no “2 for tuesday” icon on the main page, when the deal showed up… Or was there???

But… But… But would somebody tell me why I would need TWO hedge trimmers? To work on a bush with one in each hand, kind of like a macho man with two shotguns from an action film???

My parents have one of these. It’s not a bad trimmer, if you keep the hedges down, but it is not sturdy enough to knock down that 6 month hedge-beard you’ve been growing.