Black & Decker Cordless Mini Canister Vacuum

Black and Decker is selling this reconditioned on Ebay for $20 free shipping.

This one does have a 2 year warranty vs. Ebay only having a 1 year warranty.

I believe is is the same model. Maybe slightly different.

3.8 out of 5 Stars on Amazon

NiCad battery no doubt. I wish you all would just come out and admit the details?

Amazon reviews show this is a NiCad battery and lots of complaints it doesn’t last very long. Pass.

This is the NiCad version. I have the LiIon version and LOVE it. A hand vac really is for quick jobs, and I think I’d still love this vac with the NiCad. I love the detachable handle and it’s really quite tiny. It’s a much more practical design than the traditional hand vac designs

From Amazon:

“I thought maybe potential purchasers would like to know that the FHV1200 Flex Vac runs for a little over seven minutes continuously before the motor starts to slow down and lose power. (Never run a NiCd powered product completely dead, some of the battery cells will “reverse” and be permanently damaged.) The time to fully recharge after running the vac this long is about 20 hours (figure a full day to keep it simple). The charger is a small wall adapter type.”

Super long charge time for only 7 ish minutes of use.

been actually looking at this model for sometime, reading a bunch of reviews. Some gyu did head to head compare with the Lithium powered one and found that this NiCad had greater suction, but less life etc.

However, i really wish I had seen your post and bought the ebay one for a lot less.

so it goes, it’s jus tmoney right?