Black & Decker CP120B 20 Watt Power Backup Battery Pack – 2 Pack

Battery On Curb

yay battery on curb

Battery on Curb time plz?

lol @ mill ends park btw

Man! First I had a physical, then the White Castle Challenge, and now a Woot Off.

A curb, eh?

Battery on Curb or Battery on Concrete

that is an ugly tree.

am i missing something here?

Battery on christmas tree.

Will this work with my mac?

Battery on circle

Battery on curb

What’s the plugged-in item?

battery on christmas tree

i swear this was just up last time i looked!!!

Battery on Curb
Battery on Concrete
Battery on Circle…

it’s endless

What me worry?

What is that with the battery in this case?

So there’s been two BOCs? I can’t believe I missed the second one. I don’t think there will be a third :frowning: