BLACK+DECKER Desktop Heater

BLACK+DECKER Desktop Heater

Are cold desktops really a problem in the first place?

Maybe if you don’t have a laptop heating up your desk?

In all seriousness, this is an awesome little heater. I got this same model (in black) last summer knowing I needed a new one, and it’s heat output far surpasses the one it replaced.

same price as walmart, no deal here
Just got one from there today lol

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Hi! I’m not seeing this online. Would you mind sharing a link? Thanks!

*Edited after I saw the 900-1500w listed in the description and not the specs.

This would need to be plugged into a dedicated 20amp receptacle, or else you run the risk of popping breakers.

Maybe at your local store, but not online. On wally web it’s $27.