Black + Decker Dustbuster

In description writes “WALL MOUNT”. Are you sure?
I have seen these in stores, was considering one, but I do not remember seeing mentioned on the box nothing about WALL MOUNT.

I have had one for several years. While it does have great suction and a long lasting battery, it is a total pain to totally clean it out.

This is not that great of a deal. Amazon charges $9.99 more and that includes free Prime shipping. If you get it here you would save about $5.00.

I’ve had this dustbuster (from AMZ) a couple of months now, and so far, the battery is good. Time will tell.

I don’t find it hard to clean, although having a small brush for getting pet hair off the filter helps. Cleaning-wise this vacuum is very effective.

What I don’t like is there is no small lamp to tell you that it is charging or has finished charging. But for $20, this is a really good deal if you are already buying something else, such as the daily Woot shirt, and paying shipping.

Why do you say it’s a pain to clean? I have one as well, and I just pop it open over the trash and knock out the crap, then rinse out the filter in the sink?

If you look in the manual linked in the Features, it shows the wall mount.

Am I missing something? Seeing it’s a $20 item and it’s $5 cheaper than amazon, that’s approximately a 25% savings…not a terrible deal at all.

:heart: You.

You get it. It’s hard to have a deep discount on a low priced item.

Well… 20%: Woot total = $25, Amz total = $30. Also, Amz is 20% more than Woot, but Woot is %17 less than Amz. But your point is still totally valid.

Holy cow people! Is this the state of math ability in America? Get your kids into STEM. It’s too late for us but the kids are our future!
percentage calculator
The cost of today’s Woot sucker is: $25.99 (gotta pay the $5.00 shipping here)
The cost of Amazon’s Woot sucker is $29.99
To keep it simple, I’m not adding in shipping on Amazon for those who don’t have Prime and didn’t order the minimum required for free shipping. And, I’m not adding in tax even though both Amazon and Woot now charge tax. As you all know Amazon and Woot are one of the same.
25.99 is 86.66222074024675% of 29.99 or 13.33777925975325% less on Woot than it is on Amazon.
What may be more interesting, after looking at the camel it seems the sucker is at its all time low price on Amazon right now with an average price of $42.69. and a all time high price of $61.33.
And, you know what, Woot! and Amazon aren’t charitable non-profits so they are still making a profit at $25.99 price. And, so did Black &Decker when they made these and sold them to Amazon - Woot.
Marketing is interesting and American consumers are “interesting” too.

Good news! fakespot determines that the reviews on Amazon are >90% legitimate and the company, Black & Decker gets a “B” score

What shape is the nozzle on this vacuum? I have those vacuum sealed bags you use a round vacuum host to suck the air out of. Wondered if i could use this? I have a similar handheld but its nozzle is oblong so doesnt work.

does this thing suck or is it not good?

Great review, only down side is no battery light.

I’ve had a B+D dustbuster for several years and they work just fine. In fact, they really suck.

This thing sucks but not in a good way. Stopped charging after two full charges, discharges and recharges. Wasn’t very powerful to begin with. I was just using it for cleaning up stray litter.