Black & Decker Hand Tools For Garden

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t lead a horticulture!

Those Grass Shears bring back memories (I may need more therapy).

Before weed-whackers, grass-trimmers and your basic string trimmers (electric or gas), my father would send me out to use the cheapest pair of grass shears ever made to trim around two dozen trees, 300’ of flowerbeds and approx. 600’ of fence line (one end of the yard had a neighbor that put in split rail fence with chicken wire at the bottom to keep him mutt in).

All this was after cutting the grass with a push mower and raking up the trimmings from a 1/2 acre for a measly $5.

I’m dialing Dr, Phil now!

Any thoughts/comments on the soaker hose? I’m have a 50x50 foot area I’m planning on putting a garden next year and would like to use a bunch of soaker hoses to water it. Wondering if this would be worth it, though it seems a bit high for just 50 feet.

Yes, buy irrigation drip line instead. You can get 100’ rolls for as little as $8. However, you really would benefit from something like this

The soaker hose description is for a 50’ hose but the picture shows a 25’ hose. Which is right?

It’ll be 50’, we just put in the wrong photo. We’re updating now but rest assured there will be 50’.