Black+Decker Lawn Care Kit

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Black+Decker Lawn Care Kit
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Solid reviews (4 out of 5 stars) over at

I’ve got the string trimmer and the blower and like them both. You’ll need the extra battery though, especially for the blower. Good enough for around the house, but not enough for commercial work.

I bought just the blower, and have to say, I would NOT buy it again.

I bought it thinking that my corded would then be just my leaf shreader, and this one would be my after mow blow the grass clippings back into the yard after mowing blower.

It can BARELY blow the clippings back into the yard. I spend more time dinking around with this battery operated blower than I would if I just pulled out my corded and was done with the job.

The bright side is that I now use my corded for leaf sucking and grass clipping blowing, and this little battery operated one I use for blow drying my car when I wash it. Works decent for that. Not enough power for much else.

As someone living in Southern California…

What is this “lawn” of which you speak?

have the Hedge Trimmer, it’s absolute trash. new it starts smoking/overheating or simply locks up after about 3mins cutting micro limbs the size of pasta angel hair.

My sentiments exactly. I spent an hour last night trimming my 1.5 acre yard with this trimmer, and I went through two batteries to do it. Fortunately I have a third battery, in the event that I had needed to use the blower. I used the blower on Sunday to clean out my garage, and I use it every time I mow to blow the grass shards off of the driveway. No issues for me at all.

I too have the string trimmer and blower. For a “normal” sized yard, it will be more than sufficient. Very happy with the trimmer.

The blower, which is actually called a sweeper, does the job, but leaves a lot to be desired. I use it mainly to quickly blow out the garage or a quick pass over the deck in the fall. Any job bigger than that and my real blower gets pulled out.

All in all, I’m pleased and would buy again.

You need to make sure you take the batteries off the charger when they’re done charging. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself in need of replacements fairly quickly and they’re not cheap.

I just bought the edger and hedge trimmer this summer. I’ve used both and am pleased with their initial performance, so far this summer.

I picked this up during the Prime sale, I’m going to rate it at a OK item.

I have a quarter acre with a fence all around so I use the trimmer alot. It does good, nothing special. I end up going through both batteries though so I’m thinking about picking up a 4 amp. I haven’t really timed it. Trimmer is self feeding so that is pretty nice. Spool is really easy to get too as well so when I need to re string it, it won’t take long. I wish it had better balance though, probably use a grip like gas trimmers and put the battery out the back as a counter weight. It is light weight so that is a bonus.

Wife loved the hedge trimmer however, the instructions didn’t provide a way to lubricate it. I may hit it with bicycle chain oil every once in a while.

Blower is meh, I don’t use it. The price is pretty good for just the other 2 tools, so the blower is a bonus.

I have two sets of these and have been pleased as well. They are not commercial units and cannot handle massive jobs. They are great small project convenience tools. My only issue is a bearing that gets noisy on one of the blowers. It keeps working fine, but it is noisy. I should have returned it while it was under warranty.

Finding it on a closeout for $139 at

I don’t know anything about this place but it did tack on a fee of $32.68 when I added it to my cart.

I came for the Weed Whacker, but stayed for the Hedge Trimmer. I guess the Leaf blower I can use in my rock videos.

I bought this set and I really like it. The blower is underpowered, but that’s actually nice in some circumstances. For example, I can blow leaves out of rock and mulch beds without disturbing the beds.

My only complaint was that my batteries are temperamental. You might want to store them indoors and not in a hot garage.

For reference, I bought these for about $20 less at Walmart online, and thought it was a steal. I just linked today’s woot to a new homeowner friend.

8/10 would buy again.

I’ve had a few different battery powered lawn care tools, including a 24 volt hedge trimmer that was supposed to be their most powerful. I got to use it one year before the hedge was too much for it (250 linear feet of privet). The trimmer I had would go through two batteries before I had the yard done.

If what you need it for is smaller, these can be great, since their much quieter and don’t stink. For me, I foresee using gas powered tools in my lawn much longer than I’ll have a gas powered car in my driveway.

I have the trimmer and sweeper. I love them both. I can usually trim, edge, and then sweep on my 3 batteries my front and back yards. I just hate keeping 2 stroke gas and cords are also a pain. Just don’t expect to clear fields or blow around wet leaves.

My advice:
Buy a drill or something with the same battery pack. Then you have 2 chargers and at least 3 batteries. My “fast” charger that came with my drill charges them about as fast as I can use them. I keep my batteries inside in a tool bag with the drill. Batteries do not like big temperture swings. Think about all the heat/cold waves that kill car batteries.