Black+Decker Pet Cordless Lithium Hand Vacuum

Kind of strange… no reviews anywhere.

Says “new” on the Black+Decker site

Here’s a review:
It Sucks!(Because it’s a vacuum. Get it?)

Doesn’t seem to be any difference between today’s Woot! and this. This one is $69.99 on Amazon but the write-up looks practically identical to the Woot! offering. One review of 5 stars but the review is skeptical as the verified purchaser calls it a “dust buster” and says between this and her Roomba she is all set!

The one with the review on amazon looks like its for a slightly weaker model (suction power = 21AW) where as the one being sold here has a suction power of 33AW. I did have to look up what AW stood for and for those that haven’t yet it stands for “Air Watts”.