Black & Decker

Does this come with a case/bag type thing?

You are not going to find a better deal on a 20V lithium ion drill/driver with battery and charger that is a known brand name.

I’m guessing not.

B & D lost me when I bought all the 18volt gadgets with NiCad batteries…good gadgets but then the batteries start to go they are $45.+ and the new ones don’t even last as long as the old. Don’t know why they can’t produce a lithium ion 18 volt that will fit the mini chain saw/leaf blower/drill/circular saw, etc.

The B&D cordless drill I have falls into the same category as the infamous “world’s worst projector”. You get what you pay for but it’s not even worth $20

The blower/vaccuum says battery not included, but the images show it to not be cordless. Does it take the 20V batteries?

Are these ‘Factory Refurbished’ and warrantied by B&D, or by a third party?

I had heard not so good things about B&D but was given the 12-volt LI model advertised here about a year and a half ago. I do a lot of remodeling on investments units I own and have use this drill a lot. It’s been great for me! The battery doesn’t compare to more powerful drills (and much more expensive) I own, but it hasn’t been a bad little drill at all.

I’ve got the 12volt li-ion drill, and it works great. The batteries last a long time and it is very comfortable and lightweight.

Looks like it has one of those extension cord thingies plugged into it.

Yes, I saw that. I have the 20V max drill with the sanding attachment, and I also have the hedge trimmers, weedeater and blower. The weedeater drains a battery quickly, but I have 3 batteries. The drill isn’t contractor-grade. I wouldn’t want to use it everyday to make a living, but it’s great around the house. The feature I like best is the same batteries power all these devices.

Black & Decker power tools are junk. No power, plastic components, poor battery life. Don’t expect to use these more than light duty around the house stuff and definitely don’t expect them to last. I have a friend I woodwork with, his cordless drill and jigsaw are B&D… lets just says he always borrows my Makita tools. Tools are an investment if you are going to really use them buy quality.

I’m not sure why everyone hates on B&D so much. They have like 10 drill models out there. Obviously the cheapest is going to be crap. I just put up 50ft of wood fence, in the rain, with it and then used the same battery to weedeat a little after the rain stopped (the 20v lithium). The previous day (not raining) I used it to bore holes in a stubborn stump in the way of my fence.

Anyone used the 24" trimmer? I always have to stretch with my current B&D trimmer to reach some of my giant holly bushes.

The plain 12v drill is nothing special, but it’s worked out for me so far. I got the drill and a ~100 piece set of bits and parts for it for $40 total, and it’s gotten me through college houses and apartments. I’ve built a desk, a beer pong table, and assembled some buy-in-a-box furniture with it, as well as done some other odd jobs like removing a door and stuff.

The battery isn’t great, but this thing is $20, so don’t expect anything great out of it. After a nights charge, I got about 12 3.75" screws into 2x4’s, and 4 3/4" holes drilled in 1/2" plywood, and then it was out. So if you’re trying to build furniture or do any heavy work with it, look elsewhere, or just be patient with batter recharging.

I’ll never have another black and decker drill. I had the 20 volt lithium model and its power was seriously lacking.

I just purchased it. I have a B&D 18" that I purchased about 10 years ago, but it’s not quite ‘cutting it’ (yuk) like it used to. It has good reviews on Amazon and Home Depot, so I’m taking my chances. Good price if it holds up – I would be thrilled to get another 10 years from the new one!

Possibly because it used to be a good brand, but then it got bought by some Chinese or something and now it’s cheap crap trying to take advantage of our trust in the brand. With that being said, all my new B&D tools work fine for me.
So as long as you understand what you are getting and you are ok with that, it’s a good value. Don’t expect the same build quality of grandpa’s old tools that still work today.

I get that, but like you all mine work fine. I just feel like there is confusion and/or over generalization. I looked at the mothership and there are no less than 5 different 20v lithium B&D drills and they all look just various combinations of black and orange.