Black Diamond Jewelry

are the 4ct. stud earrings really retailing for almost $3,000?

Can someone post a link or anything confirming the $2,339.99 original retail amount?

Closest I can find is this;*k&siteID=XdSn0e3h3.k-OTBubi0gDWXt.3ul9q6GDw

keep in mind it’s a 3.65c not a “4c” as title says.

Thank you! I thought the regular retail price was a bit too high and I couldn’t find any prices on it really. This helps clear it up a lot!

I ended up going with the deal.

Welcome, I think I’ll bite also. Wish there was an image of it on a model so I could gauge the real life size but I think that’s a sharp looking piece for the price.

They do look nice but the HALO collection are gold; these are sterling.