Black Disposable 3-Ply Face Masks

Black Disposable 3-Ply Face Masks

How many in a box?

It tells you based on your choice when buying.

How sturdy are the ears?

I keep seeing reports of new masks with earloops that just snap off.


[hollow echoes…,…]

The ears are firmly attached. They are a bit longer than the standard ear loops, and very comfortable. I’ve taken one apart to compare to the surgical masks I receive from my employer, a healthcare organization, and they are similar. I’ve found these to have a thicker nonwoven polypropylene outer layer. There is a melt blown inner layer and a final nonwoven PP layer. I am very happy with these masks, and back to buy more.


I used 2 masks from this batch so far. The first one was great. The second one did not last even a single second–the ear loop just snapped off as I was putting the mask on. I never had this problem with a regular blue mask.

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I haven’t bought these (yet?) but I will say that in every box of disposable masks I’ve purchased from multiple places online, there have always been a handful where one of the ear loops snaps right off. I’ve come to expect it at this point, just a side effect of buying cheapish masks online.


The real question is how many fail on a percentage basis.

Each mask that fails increases the effective cost per mask.

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Do they pass the candle test? I’ve come across several store brands which wind can pass threw quite easily. If the wind can get past the mask I question what else might. When wearing these can you feel wind on your hand when you blow.


They come in packs of ten. Initially really impressed, but now pretty skeptical. Out of 3 masks worn so far, two have had ear loops come off. Resorted to stapling for a quick fix so the masks weren’t a complete waste.

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That’s a 67 percent failure rate!!!

WOW :flushed:

I ordered the 50 pack. So far, they’ve all come out good for me. Though I’ve been careful not to overstrech them. I really like them though. I ended up buying another 100 just now.

These feel smaller height-wise than the other medical-style masks I’ve bought, even when we open it up fully. My wife and I both tried them on and had the masks come above our chins or below our noses while talking, depending on how and where we wore them and how snugly we adjusted the metal clip around our noses.


They are very scratchy, not like surgical masks I’ve worn before. They also don’t fit the same and buckle much more on the sides

I’d buy this if more fun color choices were available! black cloth is just fine, but the black disposable material is very unattractive. Lets face it we all need more fun these days. I’ll stick with my disposable blues.

I am in for 50. They seem slightly stiffer then the blues at first, but once you stretch them out they fit nicely over the nose and chin and have a metal nose bridge to help. We are in the age of mask style now and my wife wanted something that looked less “clinical”. I admit that even though they cost a lot more than the blue ones I’ll probably be buying more of these. I like the black better too.

Also, I’ve only bee using these a few days but so far the earloops have been fine.

I bought 50 initially. I’m very happy with them.
I’ve used probably 8 so far, from 3 packs, (They come in bags of ten, so I put a bag in my car, one in a backpack, etc.) none of them have broken on me! For me the loops are just right. Not too tight, not too loose/baggy.
I did the candle test and it passed with flying colors.

I’m back to buy more!

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Agree, they are a little rough on the nose after a long wearing. Otherwise, they’re ok. I haven’t had any trouble with the ear loops

One batch I bought thru WOOT, the loops snapped off, almost every one. I had a small bottle of Gorilla Glue, clear. I put 1 drip on each ear loop end. Once dried, no more coming loose. Just a DIY if anyone can use.

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