Black Friday Crappening

Good luck everyone!


YES!!! Redeemed myself :D. Missed it on my bday but got it this time!


Guys, what is this?

Hooray! I’m in!

Finally scored one after a long dry streak.

Did this show up on the main page? I followed the twitter link, then saw it in the community, but never on the main sellout page. Weird.

Guys what does this do and what is this?

A box of disappointment.

Kept refreshing back to the iPad, then jumped to the controller. Missed it.

It doesn’t stay up long since it sells out so fast.

Got some. :+1:

Then you have free shipping through Monday!!! :happy:

I must be a glutton for this punishment. I made a Twitter account just so I could follow Wootoff. I need help!

Yes! Just broke a five year dry spell!

Oh I got one as well. But is this only for free shipping?

Scored the first BF Craptasticness! I can’t wait for the disappointment to arrive!

I know! It’s just that I got the sold out item until the next thing came up, even though it was on the community page. I mean, I got it, which is cool, but it didn’t seem like it ever loaded and if I didn’t know where else to look I would have been super pissed off and all how did that happen?!. Might be my computer/connection.

Now that I think of it, it reminds me of the old days and people being all IT’S THE BOTS.