Black Kitchen \m/ (- o -) \m/

Oh this sale is so awesome.

EDIT: As a blooming “foodie” (what an obnoxious term) I can not help but notice that this sale, while well executed and curated is not that great of a deal.

I present to you the KitchenAid KFC3511OB 3.5-Cup Food Chopper, Onyx Black for the same price on AMZN…free shipping with Prime.

Oh poor Woot, it must be hard living in the shadow. Struggle to stay independent though, we need you!

This sale is an example of great marketing. Too bad the prices are a little tepid.

I highly approve of this sale. \m/

Picked up some knives!

Woot! is owned by Amazon… not really independent anymore, even if they are probably run by separate management teams, etc. Also, probably why a lot of prices are similar to amazon’s already low prices. I don’t have a problem with this, as I feel Amazon does a nice job getting the products out at a good price, but I think it is pretty irresponsible and mischievous to put a product on a “deal a day” site when the sale is really nonexistent. I feel that if it is on here, it should definitely be cheaper than other Amazon-owned sites.

Oh yeah, you’re preaching to choir man.

Let me tell you something, I love the fuck out of Walmart. You know why? Because they suit up, they show up and make a difference.

I know people bitch and moan about the vanishing main streets and our quaint shops…but allow me to tell you another story. My Grandfather owned a chain of drug stores up in Detroit right before the Depression.

He lost all of them but one, the jewel, the shiny store that could not be closed…you know why?

Because he took care of his people. Both the workers and the customers.

If half of these folks bitching about having a job at Walmart or Amazon would stop a second and realize how much more, and how much better we have it than generations before us they would be better off.

They could climb into their Trans-Ams. Cameros, and truck-nut accessorized pick-ups and know all is right with the world.

I guess I’m pissing and moaning about the death of independents.

Well by God, I love Amazon, Walmart, and our good old USA.

May God Bless us all :slight_smile: