Black Knight Coat of (No) Arms

We’ll call it a draw.

From Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Nice.

Needs bunny

from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
Classic movie!


Well, I didn’t vote for you! :>

A bloody good quartering… such pretty blood.

I love how clean the lines are. The design is not overly detailed, leaving the eye clear to see the point of the shirt. Plus, I’m a huge Monty P fan, so I’m loving this shirt from all angles.

And while I’m here… can I just say, getting a shield like that must cost an arm and a leg :wink:

for those unfamiliar with the scene:

I still want a good holy hand grenade tee XD

wanders off to work on this idea

Am I the only one who took a minute to realize that the red flourishes were actually blood gushing from the sides?

That stupid bastard, he’s got no arms left!

I’m not dead.

Would have been hilarious if they swapped the smartpost-snail for say, a european swallow.

The Knights who no longer say “NI” approve of this shirt =)

Very ironic this is today’s shirt, considering at work earlier in the day a fellow nerd and I had one of those quote battles discussed in the write up. I won with “We are no longer the knights who say ‘Ni’ we are now the knights who say ‘icky icky ikcy pa-kang zoom boing meow’”

Oh man, I totally know one of those guys that the shirt description talks about! And yes, he’s my best friend…

Like when I come over to his house: he opens the door and I start to walk in-“NONE SHALL PASS!” “C’mon man that’s like the 50th time you’ve pulled tha-” “I MOVE…FOR NO MAN” …facepalm

The best thing about having arms unlike the black knight? I can still use my coconuts

“What are you going do? Bleed on me?”

I don’t think I’ve clicked to buy on this site faster than tonight! I was all frantic about how many I should get and what sizes - to make sure my “best friends” got one (that write up was awesome btw) . But I thought, screw that, they’ll never give me the money. Instead, a flurry of e-mails and “social network” postings will be made shortly. Incredible shirt.

Geeky/creepy/freaky as this may be, I have a 10" Black Night figure (ok, doll) that has detachable bloody limbs that is one of my prized possessions. There was a whole HG collection - I had to have the BK. Its awesome.

ends rambling

Yes, yes you were. The only one. The rest of us are smarter than you. Yes, all of us.

Yeah, rep that Medina County!

Congrats on the print.