Black Knight Coat of (No) Arms

I’ll admit, I’m not a very big MP fan, but this shirt design is pretty epic.

Aww you too woot :smiley:

And to think, if this shirt was available a week ago, I could have worn it to Comic-Con! :wink:

Let me face the peril
Bet your gay
am not

Not fair Woot, you can see clearly into my soul with just that line. My nerd card is now blatant for all to see.

All I needed to see was title and it was sold. Extra bonus for the tasteful design. I can not wait to wear this to “Brit Nerd TV” night. Hope I make it out alive.

Ha…ha…you win tonight’s “Adder is my hero” award.

The description is right on! I totally thought my friends where the only ones like this. And yes my best friend is this “special” type of nerd.


So, you didn’t like Brazil or Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas? That’s a shame.

The illustration is well done, i really like this t-shirt design.

I do not however enjoy old ideas/concepts imitated.

“the entrance to the cave is guarded by a creature so vicious, so foul, that no man yet has fought with it and lived.”


“What? Behind the rabbit?”

Go Kari! This is amazing, especially the blood to foliage transition.

My family coat of arms has fish with antlers on it… (?!) … this is cooler.

WHAT is your favorite color?!

First visit here, instabuy! Love the free shipping here too. Thanks to for showing me the goods.

Your father was a hampster and your mother smelt of elderberries

What is your Quest?

I’m big Spamalot fan and have the other two Spam shirts woot offered. Not sure I like the two boars (or whatever they are) on the sides, though.

What is the average velocity of a swallow?

I predict great sales today.
Dare I say it? Could this actually sell out?
Reply hazy, try again.

So…This being my first time buying something from Woot (I’m typically a yugster kind of guy) I popped the $5 Next Day shipping. Said Friday delivery, but the Email I got said typical shipping is 5 days. PLEASE tell me this is a canned Email and they’ll really speed my shipping?