Black Label HD Wi-Fi IP Camera

If I mount this on the ceiling can it flip/reverse the image so I get the image the correct orientation?

After free shipping with Prime, it’s only $1 more on Amazon, and you’re not being given limited time to think about your purchase and a much better return process if needed.

I have the same question. thanks

Sorry about the delay. Vendor says yes, you can flip the image.

Can you use more than one of these at the same time, for example, in multiple rooms?

Fundamentally, the way IP camera’s work, yes. You can use (essentially) any number of cameras (yes, there are some practical limitations).

There may be some considerations. For multiple camera use, if their native app doesn’t support it, there are a few free apps that will support multiple cameras for viewing. If you want to record, likely you’ll have to record to each camera (SD/micro SD card) and then pull that card out to view the recorded content. I read that it’s possible with this camera to record to your phone, but (and I’m guessing) I think you would need to have to be viewing that stream (whereas if you have SD card in the camera, it can record all the time).

So… short answer yes, you can buy one of these for each room, setup an app to view each camera.

Recording strategy is more involved.

hope this helps.

Per the vendor: Yes, you can use up to 10 with a single app.


Well ordered one from the mother ship seeing how I have Prime for the faster free shipping. I have a security DVR that supports two IP cameras so we’ll see if it works with it and if not just throw a card in it and use one of the apps for it.
I have a Parrot I like to check up on occasionally to make sure he’s OK during the day in his house, and see what he’s up to.
Being able to pan in all directions remotely and listen as well as talk back should be handy and MOST of the reviews seem good for the money spent, plus real HD will be nice.

Does camera have an alert that will tell you is someone is in the room or area??

You can set it to email you whenever the motion detection gets tripped, possibly other options but motion for sure.
With my regular security DVR I can set the sensitivity and set don’t cross lines and things like that but don’t know how advanced the settings are in this one with the apps that you can download for it.
As far as that goes if I had my phone on and by me it would be going off all night as the outside cameras get spider webs and bugs that set them off, probably not as bad for a indoor cam with no small spiders and things all over the place.

Does this have a URL to stream MJPEG, or is the app the only way to view a live feed?

Yes. You can set up push notifications from the mobile app.

Mine showed up today. Video quality is acceptable for the price and the pan and rotate function is pretty cool. Seems to play fine over wifi on the app for Windows and works in 10.
I haven’t got a extra SD card for it so far and video is pretty pixelated when blown up full screen but looks fine in the smaller screens in the app.
Can’t seem to get my security DVR to see it so guess technically it’s not the type of IP cam it wants but good bang per buck and should look and sound great on a typical phone or tablet.

What I missing? The link says $89.99 for a new one.

Sorry this missed the end of the sale, but, vendor confirms:

You can only use Windows, Android or iOS apps to view the stream.