Black Max 2700 PSI Gas Pressure Washer

**Item: **Black Max 2700 PSI Gas Pressure Washer
Price: $219.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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$220?!! but i need this to get the blood off my driveway!

Here are a few good reviews from amazon
More Feedback from Sams Club

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My friend and neighbor owns one of these for the last 3 years. He uses it frequently and it works very well, without a problem yet. That makes this deal a FANTASTIC buy. If you feel uncomfortable about buying a refurb, just buy an extended warranty from Square Deal, as they are very reasonable in price.

Regarding the engine, you couldn’t do any better than Honda! Mine starts first or second pull EVERYTIME. This is one of the best deals I’ve seen on TOOLS & GARDEN in months!

I bought this on woot this past spring. Big mistake. It arrived DOA with 2 big dents on 2 separate engine covers. Woot gave me a $50 credit, but it took a month to repair, 2 trips to the factory authorized repair center, over 70 miles of driving, and Black Max had to be dragged kicking and screaming to get them to repair it. I had to nursemaid the comms between the repair center and Black Max because BM was trying to get out of paying for it. Will also note that, given the looks of the tires, the unit had a lot of use before they refurbed it.

Their QC was lousy in my case and they let this obviously damaged turkey out the door. Really bad experience all around.


Seems like a good buy. I had a pressure washer with a Honda engine which I bought from Home Depot about 6-7 years ago. It worked great, engine started on the first pull every time. I split the cost of the unit with a buddy, but he ended up using the thing way more than I did over the years. Having moved 1000 miles away, I have been keeping an eye out for a good deal.

EDIT: Pulled the trigger, I’m in for one.

If a QP is posted, but no one is around to see who made it, does QP maker get a QP?

here’s my QP

The one I bought from woot came leaking, and so I replaced the leaking hose. Also, sometimes the engine wouldn’t kick in; so I took off the air filter, and now it starts 100% of the time.

Some pretty negative reviews on Amazon. Seems to be a low quality pump with a good engine on it. The price is right, but if it breaks after you use it a few times, it wasn’t a good deal, was it? Might want to spend a little more on a better made machine.
You might be tempted to wash your car with this. Don’t. Never use a pressure washer on a car, even on the low setting.

I use my pressure washer on my car all the time. Nothing gets the wheels/tires cleaner. This pressure washer dispenses soap, so you let it set for a while and do it’s stuff then you rinse with the machine using the lowest setting. Results…very clean car and no problems at all. This after years of use in this fashion.

Blackmax reconditioned products are not reconditioned - these products are heavily used and at most just glanced at before sending the unit out as “reconditioned”. I had to return a recently purchased blackmax pressure washer to woot because it was in such terrible condition. This is not just a fluke, many people have had the same complaints before woot admins deleted the comments off the forums.

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I work on pressure washers. The engine is great, a Honda. The problem here is the pump -I’ve never seen a pump for a vertical shaft engine that was not an absolute cheap POS. If you are lucky you will find a place that will perform the warranty work on these (we won’t), otherwise expect to pay >$200 to rebuild the pump.

Save your pennies for something with a horizontal shaft. The pump will outlast this one ~3:1

The Home Centers are filled with vertical shaft Honda engines connected to pumps. As a matter of fact, I’ve not seen a horizontal shaft engine on a pressure washer. That’s not to say that they don’t exist…but I don’t remember seeing one.

Finally, I own a Karcher pressure washer (I think it’s 3,000 PSI) and it has a vertical shaft. It’s been going for 7 years now with NEVER a problem. My neighbor owns this very machine for the past 3 years. He uses it VERY frequently.

So when you write,“I’ve never seen a pump for a vertical shaft engine that was not an absolute cheap POS.” You may not want to paint with such a broad brush.

Short of the higher pressure/higher gpm units, I haven’t seen a horizontal pump in years. I’ve have a couple K’Archer’s with vertical pumps that I’ve had great luck with. In fact the only issue i’ve run into was with the carb on the honda engine had some fouling.

Some vertical pumps may be cheap pos’s since vertical shaft engines are generally cheaper and would be uesd in a cheap pressure washer. But I wouldn’t condemn them all.

I have this. I paid more. When it works, it is wonderful. In the second year the pump failed; mine was covered on warranty and a local shop in our very small town did the replacement and I was very pleased with that part of the deal. It works again quite well and I am happy with hit. I hope the new pump lasts longer than the first, however.

I will paraphrasically echo other comments and mention that, while it is cool that it has a good engine on it, the quality of the pump on a pressure washer is far more important than the type/brand of engine. High-quality pumps can go for several hundred dollars alone. The difference is that if they ever go bad, they can be rebuilt with quality parts back to new condition. Can’t do that with most of the cheaper pressure washers - once they go bad, you have to toss them.

My understanding is that HomeDepot’s house brand Ridgid makes some decent pressure washers at a decent price.

I don’t know anything about BlackMax, but have noticed Honda engines showing up more and more on low-quality equipment over the last five years or so.

Btw, Honda’s cheaper engines are GC, whereas their quality engines are GX.

Also, be sure to run antifreeze through your washer at the end of the season. Cracked pumps from freezing is probably the number one failure point on all pressure washers.

Ditto. Filing the warranty and getting paid for it is next-to-impossible so we don’t do warranty work on these cheap pressure washers. The pump is so expensive that you might as well throw the machine away and buy a new one.

We recommend that our customers buy pressure washers with a brass pump. They last longer. Horizontal shaft is also the way to go.

For those of you interested in buying – don’t buy this unit based on the engine, look at everything as a whole. If you ARE going to buy this, make sure you know how to properly store and maintain it. You can get away with leaving your hose out all winter and hope that it’s okay. You can’t do that with these. The aluminum pumps break too easily and you HAVE to winterize them if you live in an area that gets cold. Look up proper winter storage for pressure washers – there’s a lot out there.

Side note – these Honda engines have fairly cheap carburetors. With the crappy fuel 10% ethanol fuel being sold that gums up carbs quickly, this is actually a bonus because you can just replace the carb for a lot cheaper than rebuilding it.

Some of you people are picking these consumer pressure washers apart…and since you work with pressure washers, you may be justified in doing so. So I hear you saying buy a brass pump, buy an engine with a horizontal shaft, etc., etc. All of this stuff sounds expensive…very expensive. If you attempt to sell a machine such as this, how much will it cost and how many homeowner’s are ready to part with that kind of money? After all, the washer being sold on this deal is only $220. As an example, I have a Karcher 3,000 PSI washer which I purchased new from Sam’s Club 7 years ago for $300 in 2006. I take care of it and it has never given me a problem. Moreover, I use it VERY frequently. So, did I get my monies worth?