Black Max Electric/Gas Pressure Washers

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Black Max Electric/Gas Pressure Washers
Price: $109.99 - 289.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Friday, Jun 20 to Wednesday, Jun 25) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Good Reviews at Sams Club

that guy on the tab creeps me out!

Very good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at


dont forget, safety first!

I think the 2,700 PSI unit with the Honda engine is a super buy. Remember, the Honda engine on this unit is an over head cam…far more improved than the previous over head valve engines from Honda. This reduces the moving parts in the engine and thereby reduces the possibility of early breakdowns. Moreover, it’s got the best price in the lot. IMHO the additional 300 PSI in the largest unit is not worth the extra money. I have the same size engine with the same PSI output in one of my pressure washers and this is year 12 and it’s going great.

Is this the same as the Ryobi RY14122? It looks very similar and the Ryobi gets great reviews at Home Depot (

I bought one of these awhile ago on Woot and I am very happy with it; now. When I first got it I had a few issues. Being a refurb they had left oil in it when they shipped it. Needless to say the box was set sideways and the oil soaked the unit. It would not start. It took me forever to find a service center that was actually still in business that would repair this under warranty. The key is to tell the service center to make the warranty claim to Homelite rather than Blackmax. They will have no information on Blackmax but Homelite owns them so that is where the claim should go.

Is the electric 1700 psi pressure washer powerful enough to use to wash a house? It’s a 2 story stick built with vinyl siding.

Historically, over and over and over again, I see numerous Woot Community messages about oil everywhere and broken handles - all due to poor shipping prep.

My question: Woot, has anything been done to address these previously reported problems ? If I order one of these will I become yet another statistic ?

(thinking about ordering - a timely Woot affirmation that past shipping issues have been addressed would help me decide - you know, like the Emile Henry Pizza Stone fiascos that you finally did the right thing on)

I echo this thought as I would like to purchase one, but am wavering due to past shipping problems reported with these.


It would likely be sufficient for the 1st floor, but I would guess that you’d need to stand on a ladder to properly clean the 2nd story. Having owned a similar electric unit, they are okay when working within 5’-7’ or so. Beyond that distance, there just isn’t enough oomph there to do an adequate job.


Great advice jmattoon! Mine quit working within the first hour, called customer service and was directed to take it to Harbor Freight Tools for repair. They weren’t familiar with the brand and wanted $50.00 to diagnose. I went home called customer service again and was given a few more places to call but didn’t want to drive all over the city.

I really felt that it was a bad GFCI reset plug. I took a gamble, replaced it and works like a charm. Strong enough to do most jobs for me!

Tangent: What’s with the stupid head over “Tools & Garden”?

Yes, I too would like to know who the Floating Guy Head is and what he might mean.

It certainly LOOKS identical, and has identical specs. I own the ryobi, and it’s been great for what it is. You don’t get the same performance as a gas-powered washer, but for all the not-so-demanding jobs I’ve used it for, it has done the trick. I’ve cleaned a small deck (prep for staining), a block patio, and my grill - no complaints.

He’s there to help you reach personal en-lawn-tenment.

Comparing the gas washers with the electric washers is really a moot point…at least here and now. All the gas washers have been sold out hours ago. All that is available now is the 1,700 PSI electric.

I bought the electric one at Sam’s a few months ago to replace an old Karcher we had. It’s ‘ok’. Doesn’t seem to have the power the Karcher did (which had less psi), and it’s REALLY loud. Not returning it, but wouldn’t buy it again.

Thanks for your answer Woot.