Black Max Electric/Gas Pressure Washers

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Black Max Electric/Gas Pressure Washers
Price: $109.99 - 219.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, Oct 15 to Monday, Oct 20) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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7/15/2014 - $109.99 - 219.9
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Comments from a previous sale

Time to check out the product page for the BM80721 and don’t forget, safety first!

Competitive pressure washers (Generac and Troybuilt) are selling in Lowes and other retailers for about $100 more for the NEW version. BUT, and this is importand…that price does not include any kind of warranty. A warranty will cost you up to $100 more, depending on how much or length of coverage you want.

So, this machine (gas version) is about half the price of a new one (Generac or Troybuilt). That makes this pressure washer a very good value. So, get them while they last.

I bought the gas version previously. I cant believe I went this long without one. It comes in handy quite often. Works great so far, no complaints.

The electric one can be gotten at Sam’s Club, new, for $90.


HOW DOES IT CRANK? Pushbutton or pullcord?

The problem with these cheap pressure washers I’ve found is that if you live somewhere where it gets below freezing in the winter there’s a good chance it’s going to rupture somewhere, most likely the tank, and then it won’t pressurize. Also if you get the electric one, the one I got and one a friend got both had the GFCI plug fail requiring it to be cut off and a new cap put on.

It cranks very easily with a pullcord. I’ve owned this very same engine on one of my pressure washers and this is the 7th year. In spite of that, it always starts on the first or second pull…no kidding.

I ALWAYS drain my pressure washers of water, fuel and change the oil before I put them away for the season. Moreover, the pressure washer is the ONLY outdoor machine that I take in during the cold weather months and keep in in the basement where it will not freeze, thereby avoiding the problems you mention. Finally, these are not cheap pressure washers…they are pressure washers.

I bought the electric one the last time it was on Woot (a few weeks ago), and it works very well. Easy to set up, easy to use, and the 15deg nozzle works very well for cleaning decks from grime, moss/algae, etc.

The gas engine is 2 or 4 cycle? Better yet, where would I find that info on the site?

Got the Electric one last time it was on sale. Best purchase for the house overall. I pressure washed the siding of the house (spray some bleach solution before: it makes cleaning easier!) and the deck. Both look totally new!
Great set of nozzles, and very long cable (probably 15, 20 feet) so you don’t need a lot of extra extension cords. Super easy to use and set up: just be sure you run water through before turning it on.
1700psi is MORE than enough for normal household stuff. I actually was afraid of its power: my deck looked super grey and now it does look terrific! Great buy at a great price!

The engine on ALL PRESSURE WASHERS that I know of are 4 cycle. A 2 cycle would be a lot more tempermental than a four cycle, would require a special lubricating oil to be mixed with the fuel, would produce more power than the 4C, would have a very smokey exhaust and would not last nearly as long as the heavy duty four cycle. We are far better off with a four cycle.

In time you will find many more uses for it. Great for cleaning screens, grills, kitchen range grates (outside of course), your car…especially the wheels and you can’t forget your gutters.

These payoff on two rentals or one contractor for just a deck wash. That’s how I’ve acquired most of my tools. Why pay someone $150 to power wash my deck if I can can do that, and keep the equipment.

My electric one arrived missing 3 parts:

Part A: The Axle

Part C: Two Washers that are needed to connect Part B (the wheel)

Part D: The Hitch Pin for the Axle

First time I’ve received a problem refurb from Woot…contacting customer service now. Check your order carefully when it arrives.