Black Max Electric Pressure Washer

**Item: **Black Max Electric Pressure Washer
Price: $119.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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Why buy a refurbished when you can get a new one for $10 more at Sam’s Club. :slight_smile:

Twelve five star reviews over at

Let’s learn all about the warranty

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Well, shucks. Since you asked so nicely, we found ten extra dollars to squeeze out of the price. Also, keep in mind that our shipping is just five measly bucks no matter where you are or how much stuff you stuff into your cart.

And to those who bought early, not to worry. We’ll send ten bucks back to you shortly.

Well, Sam’s club sells it for 129.88

So I think you mean $20 not $10.

Yes, I’d rather buy it from Sam’s and pay $20 more.

If you read the other comments you’ll see that the price was lowered

Sam Walton and Uncle Sam will both want some tax from you as well.

As my good buddy @noahsbagels forgot to mention, it costs $10-15 for shipping from Sam’s Club. That makes us a grand total of $30-35 cheaper!

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If you’re going to compare this price with the price of a national retailer, let’s do it right. Woot’s price is $109.99 plus $5 shipping and tax if applicable. With this you get one BONUS TURBO NOZZLE ($20 value) and a 3 year manufacturers warranty. Your total cost is $114.99. [MOD: 1 year warranty]

If you buy from Sams, your price will be $129.88 plus $20 for a turbo nozzle. You also get a warranty. BUT…THIS ITEM IS NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES. If you want one, you will be paying for the shipping and I bet it will be a lot more than 5 bucks. So, purchased from Sams, the cost will be $149.88 plus shipping (shipping cost may be the game breaker)

You need to read the fine print. Woot also collects tax.

Totes! It’s really adorbs, we both have curly hair :smiley:

UL-1776 is the industry safety standard for pressure washers. It was written specifically for these types of machines. This unit is not certified to UL-1776.

Not questioning the truth of your statement at all,
but where would one find out this kind of information?

Electrical equipment has been showing up on the job lately with their UL labels blacked out,
and no one seems to have an explanation for it.

Only from certain states (at this point, anyway).

If you are going to compare the two offers, look into the details. The one from Sam’s states that it also includes the bonus turbo nozzle, so that isn’t extra.

On warranty, the refurb has a one year warranty (from manufacturer) the new from other site has a two year warranty.

So total from here - $114.99.
Total from other site (where I live) - $153.24 (breakdown on that is $129.88 for item, $10.39 shipping and $12.97 tax).

A better deal here if you don’t mind refurb and shorter warranty.