Black Max Power Washer

Looks like I’m the only sucker. This is a Good for the money. It will be used and abused by everyone at my hydraulic shop.

I think “4.4 HP 93.3 kW) @3600 rpm”
should be “4.4 HP (3.3 kW) @3600 rpm”

I’m very tempted to buy a power washer, but I can’t really think of anything productive to do with it except shoot kids with a pressurized stream of water.

Vtec just kicked in yo!

$10 cheaper than the $249.99 at previous woot:

Won’t post comments from that yet. CowboyDann can repost his manual etc., to get credit.

Stick with a hose and nozzle. I used a power washer similar to this to strip paint off a wooden shed. Accidentally hit my foot with the stream once (was working in flip flops, OSHA fail) and took off some skin.

Here in California we have a special fuel. If you don’t use your small engine very often then it turns to jelly and clogs up your carburetor. It has to be replaced,t can’t be cleaned.
But we are helping to keep the air clean.

This is the first time I wooted in a while. What is with the sales tax? What state gets it? Anyone…

Vtec when you need that extra boost of pressure!

I never thought of small engines having a timing belt and a camshaft like a car engine but I guess they all do to move the valves.

Any way of figuring out how much shipping and taxes would be on this without committing to a purchase? Something tells me I might lose the savings in the shipping and possible taxes. :-/

Shipping is $5 for everything you buy today - no matter how much stuff from all the woot sites.

Man, I sound like a woot employee…

This Chinese made washer is not certified to UL 1776 safety standard. That is the U.S. safety standard written specifically for pressure washers and steam cleaners.

amazon reviews

I know it is a consumer Honda engine. BUT, what is the manufacturer of the pressure washer’s name (and where are they located to provide factory warranty support)?

Just an FYI, I purchased this power washer last time it was on woot (In July).

Arrived packaged well and looked good, got it out and added gas (they shipped w/ oil in it which seems illegal but ok) but the thing never did fire up. I almost pulled my shoulder out trying.

After callilng woot/honda and talking to a bunch of folks I find out I can not ship it back to return for warranty work as “it has hazardous liquids in it” and usps won’t take it. (yet remember I got it days earlier with those same dangerous liquids in it) They gave me a “special ups” shipping rate of $99 to send back to be fixed (WHAT!? ITS UNDER WARANTY!!!).

I ended up going with my second option which was to take to a honda approved small engine dealer to get fixed under warranty. Closest one to me (Im in rural WV) is about 50 miles. Made the trip and of course the wait for small engine repair is 5-8 weeks and you know they aren’t rushing a warranty repair.

Then as the teenage boy comes out from the back to take the unit he mentions that he can tell exactly what is wrong just from looking at it. Apparently the valve cover that generally protrudes out in the center must have been damaged and pushed “in” prior to ever being packaged. Still looked like it was designed that way but after looking closer you can tell it was “depressed” a bit. The kid said they would probably just remove the valve cover and “bang it out” and she would fire right up.

Long story short its been 6 weeks and I have no power washer and only hope that the unit does work when they are done with it and that it does not cost me any MORE time/gas/money.

First time I have been disappointed in years of wooting… although it won’t stop me.

For the longest time, I thought the title of this thing was “***BLACK MAN POWER WASHER.***”


Well gee Dan they don’t, hence the statement “worlds first”. Now mind you they all have cams that work the valves, just not the belt, which in MHO is just something else to wear out or go wrong. Wonder if it is like a car and you have to replace the timing belt at 60,000 miles? Does it have an odometer?..Questions, questions! Wow can you imagine pushing that thing around for 60,000 miles? You can bet I would be too tired to do any power washing!

But then again the pump head would probably wear out long before 60,000 “squirts?”. Oh well guess I will just go get a new battery for my rider instead and cut the grass. Hope it will start as it doesn’t have the belt thingy!

Are you sure he wasn’t talking about something else? He is, after all, a teenager… :slight_smile:

The manufacturer is Black Max.

Service info
You have to call for a Service Center

Time for one more post before I crash. Previous posts and I hope people don’t get mad for putting them up:

Last thing: 5 post-shipment wooters unhappy about condition, particularly the oil spilling out. Not sure if this is the same issue they had with shipping TV’s. Here’s an example:

Good night.