Black Mountain Resistance Bands & Stability Ball Bundle

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Black Mountain Resistance Bands & Stability Ball Bundle
Price: $37.99
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If your brother punches your eye out, you can blame it on these apparently. But only if you own a set.

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Hahaha you beat me to it!!!

On the serious side, these would be great for P90x type stuff in an apartment where you don’t have space for weights…just make sure not to use them in your bathroom…

Resistance is futile.

I really think this is one of those “meh” deals. Even though I think this is a good price, I think you might do better by shopping around a bit (we all like to do that right?)

My nitpick is that the band kit here does not have the ankle straps. So it would make more sense to me to find a different ball (some of them come with DVDs) and buy the band kit separately that has the ankle straps. Maybe with places that offer rewards or cash back.

So I think you could squeeze more out of the $43 (38 plus 5 dollars shipping) you would spend here.

If you invest in this you can have a ball while working out.

Watch out if you have cats. I had one of these balls in an office chair frame and could not figure out why TWO balls began slowly leaking. Claw pricks.

Oh c’mon, couldn’t Woot have put this in the Sport section instead so they could put something interesting on the main Woot page?

Like a Roomba or a Dyson vacuum or Fan or something…Come on now…

30",75cm,ball with pump for $14.85 and free shipping on Ebay.

I wanted to order one, but was uncomfortable giving woot my ball size.

Hey whoa…name calling never solved anything.

Damn - I paid for a single ball, from this company for about $25, a month back. (the 85"er)

Drat - I could have been in for the bands AND bag?!

Side note - a hell of a solid swiss ball, and it has exceeded my tepid expectations.

Take it slow in inflating 35 to 50% and let it sit a day… 89-90% then let it sit a day… then get that sucker up to level.

I’ve seen a few other brands rip when going from zero to full.

I guess Harry Reid is ineligible to purchase this, as he has “allegedly” already been beaten up by a resistance band. :wink:

Can you send me a broken one so I can say it blacked my eye when my brother kicks my old ass?

Wow. That guy’s got one really big ball.

If you work out strategically, you can work out with two balls out.

Never have so many owed so much to one resistance band.