Black Onyx Chrome

I always give away the totes, the back of the SUV has about 100+ and can never decide which ones to take into the store.

(Comment blurred as it seemed to offend people.)

Put me down for paper! Pretty Please :smiley:

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Okay, it finally let me go. Strangely, it actually got to the click to pay before it informed me someone stole it from my cart


Instantly VOP’d. Kept refreshing and had to login again. Got to the checkout. Took its sweet time loading the place order button. Surprisingly got it!

Caught 2 Pokémon while on the VoP. First of the day for me.


That’s what happened to me too! Crazy!

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I got to the payment screen and it wouldn’t let me login to Amazon pay without a different password. Then I got a service not available. Better luck next time.

Reusable totes are better. Dont listen to these jokers who cant go spend $3 for a bajillion sacks. We all want that confidential crap tote

Paper sacks have less uses than a tote so people “bored” of totes, you can always stop buying BOCs!

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That has been a popular one.

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I hear soon they are gonna only offer BOCs on fridays, saturdays and sundays because of too many complaints about the quality of sacks/totes that come in BOCs

Didn’t realize my paper sack comment was going to trigger people. My bad.

Oh dont clam up honey! You are just wrong and thats ok! :hugs: any resistance to your ideas gets labeled as people are offended? Cmon now, mountain out of a mole hole