Black Rhino Tools

Are these made in Taiwan?

The size of the ratchet is not listed. Must be 3/8 drive? jgc

Limited reviews at Mothership, but most are very positive. The 76-piece set is something that I am quite interested in, but not sure why there are metric and SAE sockets but only SAE combo wrenches. Anybody know why that might be?

12-point sockets? I hope people are planning to use this for light to medium duty work. And for light/medium duty, these sets are pretty expensive.

in my experience (learning the hard way), 12-point sockets can round off bolts or nuts easily, if they’re torqued heavily.

Just forewarning.

Don’t Rhinos have poor vision? I don’t want one of them working on anything of mine.

12 point sockets. No thank you. Too easy to round off nuts. 6 point for me, please. Bring some good 6 point only socket sets, Woot, and I’m in.