Black Rifle Coffee Company AK-47 Coffee, 12 Ounce

Black Rifle Coffee Company AK-47 Coffee, 12 Ounce

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Hold up. “Espresso blend ground coffee. Enjoy as drip/French press…”. Can we have a ruling on whether this is beans?

It’s ground coffee.

… and that makes it a non-starter for me. It was looking like a Buy One until I saw it was ground. Honestly, I cannot fathom why you or anyone would sell pre-ground coffee as a premium like this. If people don’t care enough about their coffee flavor to own a decent burr grinder (which can be had for as little as $40) and freshly grind their beans just before brewing it, any supermarket coffee will be a VASTLY better value. Yeah, that sounds snooty but it isn’t. I don’t look down on anyone for drinking whatever coffee makes them happy, but $10 for 12oz is very expensive compared to Folgers.


Okay, now to dis on this BS coffee company, who is selling snake oil hype. On the friggin bag it says that this is Columbian roasted dark and then just an inch below that it shows a roasted scale at medium. Can’t be both. In the description it says (in 2nd Admenment-fanboy speak) that you want the freshest coffee available, but they don’t say when it was roasted AND as I ranted about above they pre-grind this stuff, so freshness isn’t a claim they get to make.
This may indeed be tasty coffee, but that would be an accident not an intent. They intend to make money off of open-carry enthusiasts through clever marketing baloney. Go sell these folks socks instead of coffee you fake a-holes. At least you’ll be aligning function with faction.
And before anyone flames me for being anti-gun, you’d be dead wrong about that.


Agree 100%. I like my coffee to be made by people who are into coffee to the extent it’s unhealthy. And this just reads as an image. Even the Amazon reviews aren’t about the coffee itself, but the “type of company”. No buy.


I would say there are some very questionable coffee marketers (or re-distributers) selling on the parent company. I had some absolutely TERRIBLE stuff a few years ago, though it was cheap and had nice “marketing.” There was no date and it smelled like it had spent 4 years in an abandoned van by the side of the road in the Mojave Desert. Looked up the “coffee company” and street view showed it to be a mailbox in a mini-office-suite in LA, no sign of actual beans or loading dock or roasting.

Not sure what this stuff is but staying away for sure (plus I try to stay away from people that glorify weapons of war to begin with…) I mean, I like WW-II stuff and nuclear missiles as much as anyone, but i just don’t why you’d name your coffee this.

As far as the “blend,” though, I did learn when buying espresso beans that it is common to blend a dark and an either light or medium. So “espresso” does NOT mean “really dark roast” – it’s actually just referring to the brewing technique. The mix of lighter beans adds subtlety and complexity to the harshness of the dark. But still wouldn’t buy this ground, especially given my Amazon experience with unknown coffee suppliers…


I think it’s the “in 2nd Admenment-fanboy speak” comment that would lead people to think you are “anti-gun.”

Anyway… this crap is way over priced. There’s no way I am paying $15-20 for less than a pound for coffee (what it goes for on their site) but when my local Fred’s was going out of business, I got a dozen “bricks” for $2.50 each. It’s not bad, but good grief this stuff is strong. Unless you want your coffee to walk over to you, you may want to cut back on the amount you use from “normal” coffee… Just me devalued two cents.

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LOL you guys…

Amazon is a dumping ground for manufacturers who need to dump foods of questionable freshness/quality. Woot is Amazon’s dumping ground for things they’ve held on for too long and know they’d lose more money on with shipping/refunds than they’d make off their Amazon website customers.

You put those 2 facts together AND the fact that its ground, and you’re likely to end up with ‘for suckers’.

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“i like as much as anyone” then say why would anyone use the name… clearly not as much as anyone. Don’t try that, “i’m just like you” type of excuses.

It appears YOU are the one getting “worked up” buddy. LOL Maybe try a little more decaf. ha ha.



Talk about the coffee all you want but NO personal attacks.


I can do that.

I bought the Black Rifle Coffee Company CAF Caffeinated AF Medium Roast Ground Coffee, 12 Ounce Bag in a prior sale here:

It’s OK. I don’t know about the “Caffeinated AF” claim…I drink a lot of coffee anyway. I don’t notice any extra “kick” with it. I’m having some right now but I probably won’t order more. I do like the “Veteran Owned” part of the company. But it’s pretty good coffee, just not worth seeking out and buying more for me.

I don’t like your hand in that picture. Personally I think it is a weirdly shaped hand. You should get a new hand

Fyi- saw the commercial for this product on YouTube yesterday. It could have been the cold meds, but I found it hilarious. It could have been selling camo jackets, shotgun shells, yetis, gas station coffee, boots. I dunno. It did not scream “buy this really good coffee”.

How’s your kid?

Terrible. I slept from 9 PM until 1pm today. And I keep falling asleep.

So your not watching him?

What? YouTube.

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you are a great mom