Black Rifle Coffee Company AK-47 Coffee, 12 Ounce

Yeah. I’m pretty sure if I had kids they’d have dropped themselves off at a fire station.

Did you get a toilet timer? Apparently you need one.

I don’t get it.

He’s calling you unfun.

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Oooh. He’s not wrong.

If you were fun, you would have sent me candy. :thinking:

I didn’t buy any after Halloween candy. I only went into the store for eggs and cough drops Thursday.

All coffee tastes the same after adding french vanilla creamer.

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Now if this was Black Rifle CAF coffee, I’d have bought 10. AK is good, CAF is the bomb!

Coffee tastes awlful. Was hoping to get money back but was only offered another bag

Darker/stronger coffee actually has less caffeine.


I know, weird, right?

I bought some Black Rifle coffee a month ago after hearing about it on Joe Rogan. Medium roast, and honestly it tasted no different than the Folgers available at my place of work, but it definitely had more caffeine.