Black Tie Wine Bags, Random 5-Pack



Black Tie Wine Bags, Random 5-Pack
$14.99 (Normally $32.00) 53% off List Price
NOTE: This gift pack is a random selection of 5 different bag styles.



You are my idol…


At first glance I thought… geisha… then, ‘the king and I’. Yea, they are that fancy.


Oh man, I thought for a second that wine.woot was finally getting its version of the BOC… One can dream, right?


I’ve bought similar wine bags from the dollar store. Perhaps these are better quality, but who really needs quality on an item that will most likely get thrown out anyway?


I thought they were French aristocrats.


I believe the preferred term is “bourgeois cheese eating surrender monkeys”.


In for 2… with the holidays coming up, now my hostess gifts will outshine everyone else’s!


I’ve used the cheap dollar-store wine bags as dice bags for polyhedral dice (used in role-playing games). If the wine bags offered here had drawstrings, they’d work for that purpose, too.
(Drawstring wine bags tend to be a lot larger than most dice bags sold in hobby shops/game stores, and come in very pretty fabrics as well.)


Easy pass for me unless these come with wine or are filled with salted caramels. I don’t need $3 bags for my $8 bottles of wine.


Wow. Must be some dollar store. I’ve never seen anything but paper bags in dollar stores! Yes, you are spot-on when you say perhaps the quality of these are better–I’d venture to say that anything you might come across in one of those stores wouldn’t come close, including fabrics and designs.

And throw them away…really?! Wait! These bags are great for regifting and putting all kinds of stuff in them, not only wine.

My friend’s daughter uses the bag for a sleeping bag for her Barbie doll. Another person told me she uses it to store her GPS.


I like your idea of using the bags for polyhedral dice. I think the bands the Black Tie wine bags come with would secure the dice nicely. Plus you would have a nicer-then-cheap-dollar-store-bag to carry/store them in.


I hate Thursdays on winewoot. When I open this page I want to look at bottles of wine…then buy them.


Well it’s a good thing we have those Woot Plus sales now for that! :slight_smile:


Right you are!


The black tie one is kinda neat, but since it’s random there’s no guarantee you’ll even get that one outta the five. I understand that’s also the name of the company, but it’s a bit misleading. Why can’t they all have bow ties? Bow ties are cool.


Bow ties are cool, just not the people named after them.

These would be cool if they all looked like little tuxedos, but as is, some of these fabrics are quite hideous for my tastes.


Wish you’d carry balsamic vinegar again!


Happy to hear you like the bow tie wine bag. True, only one of the bags has an actual bow tie. I came up with the company name Black Tie Wine Bags, Black Tie representing the idea of fancying up any bottle of wine-- “Dressing Your Wines to the Nines.” Okay, men would wear a black bow tie, but what about the women?