Black & White Serveware

Somebody please tell me, what’s the big attraction of overpriced Basalt plates…“made to look and feel like slate?”

Oh, and about being crafted from “100% culinary-grade porcelain”…whose “nonporous properties will not absorb fats or bacteria”? I’ve never caught e-coli from run-of-the-mill porcelian plates and servers. Here’s a tip to prevent it: soap and hot water.

does it have something to do with the “paleo diet” fad? You eat like a caveman so you have to eat of the ground/stone like a caveman?

Seriously, is it that the Basalt stuff is selling really well here, or is it just not selling anywhere else?

I’m pissed off.
I was all excited about owning a basalt bowl. Then I noticed “Crafted from 100% culinary-grade porcelain”.

How can it be made of porcelain and basalt at the same time?

I’m out.

This is Revol’s Basalt collection.