Black Zeppelin

2009 Black Zeppelin 2-Pack
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2 2009 Black Zeppelin Central Coast
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Still stumbling around the beta - I want to hear the vintners voicemail I left, after tasting assorted wines all weekend (blind). I believe I did allege that this wine is more like the 05 Black Zeppelin (Syrah, Alicante Bouschet) than it is like the Monterey Petite Sirah BZs.

Love zeppelin wines.
But the rack is full and the BIWBM is on. This is really hard to pass up though. I thought the 05 BZ was awesome and I remember it was predominately syrah. Stillman could you compare the two wines. ( know they are completely different)

They’re both more concentrated, and more structured (tannic) than the pure Petite Sirahs. The 05 had more Alicante in it, and higher alcohol, this 09 CC blend is more complex. The Paso components make a big difference.

Stillman, didn’t see any notes on your site for this one so have to ask: drinking window? I might have to buy and hold…

Now til 2020, with adjustments in decanting or cuisine made. If I only had two bottles, I’d open one next year and the other in 4 or 5 years. Like I hold libraries :-/

Did anyone get a bottle to faux rat? Looking at you sparky! :wink:

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Absolutely loved the 2009 Hames Valley (hell I bought a half case from you post Woot). Am I correct to assume this is more tannic, structured, and will age longer due to the higher Syrah content?

Also, where in Paso is the vineyard? I have a few Templeton Gap wines that I absolutely love (Epoch).

Correct. The Syrah vineyard’s actually out in Creston, but only yielded one ton/acre in 09, serious punch but not as lush as the Colossus. The Paso petite in this wine is also bigger and a bit more naturally tannic than the Hames Valley PS.

Not this time, and while I was in Paso this weekend, didn’t have time to swing over to say “Hi!” to Stillman. :frowning:

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Allow me a few hours of sleep before I resume answering questions, please? I judged a big wine competition in southern California this weekend, and what with the driving, carousing, and couch surfing I’m, well, tired and shagged out following a prolonged squawk. I’ll be back!

Dang, wasn’t expecting this!

What’s shakin’ Stillman?

I’ve yet to crack open a bottle of the Colossus, but how would you compare this to the Colossus?

Could someone please explain the Alicante Bouschet? How does this contribute to the wine? This is something that I have not experienced, but sounds very interesting.Thanks.

What a way to start the week!
Thanks Stillman and WW :slight_smile:

I consumed the last of the carefully hoarded Red Zeppelin this weekend. Resisting the urge as I am saving up for a major expense on the house…

(blinking, groggy) It’s shorter?
Hmmm, the Colossus is softer and ‘sweeter’ (not implying sugar, but lower tannin). This is more like the 05 Black Zeppelin.

Alicante Bouschet is one of the few Vinifera tenturier grapes, that is to say it’s of the same species as other classic wine grapes but has red flesh and juice, not just color from the skins. It was made by crossing Grenache with Petit Bouschet, itself a cross of Aramon and a (non-vinifera) tenturier. (Kind of like being my being 25% Polish makes me musical.) In practice it’s sort of a turbocharged Grenache, with extra ‘meaty’ elements in it. If you’re into punk rock, you could call it a Turbonegro charged Grenache. I just grafted some more vines over to this mysterious and useful varietal, but most of it will go into the Colossus starting in 2013 . . . .

The grape is one of a few that have a red flesh. Most other grapes have a white flesh so one has to press the grapes and macerate the skins with the juice to impart color.
With Alicante Bouschet (cross between Petit Bouschet and Grenache btw) you can color quickly from the pressing without having to macerate. The grape does have higher tannins so that needs to be considered when making a wine with this grape.

Another name you might have heard it by might be Tinto Nero or Garnacha Tintorera.

edit: Stillman beat me to the post by a few seconds or so… Looks like we were typing at the same time. heh.

If this is anything like the 2005 no one should buy any and leave it all for me! The 2005 BZ is my all time favorite wine! Great depth, balance and alcohol !!! I haven’t tried this because Stillman didn’t tell me about it when I emailed him a few weeks back but Im in for 3 and will probably keep buying direct until its all gone!!